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Zuheer Al Morshedi reveals wonderful details about his life and artistic career


Egyptian actress Zohair El Morshedi has revealed amazing details about her life and art life from its inception.

Zuhair al-Murshidi considered himself an artist “by pure opportunity” and had never imagined entering the art world because he and his family planned to join the medical faculty. According to Sky News Arabia.

He continued, “In high school, God gave me a second mother, she was a teacher and the principal (Mama Rashida) who had a novel entitled The Blind Princess. The principal recommended me and Abu Daif Allam told me that I was the heroine of his novel,” It turned out to be a play.

Zuhair al-Murshidi spoke about the details of his first performances on stage through “The Blind Princess”, where he said: “I did a lot of rehearsals for him and I was fully trained for the role.” A princess was chased by enemies and lost her daughter.

Also, he noted that “the princess whitened her eyes with grief and cried for her daughter until she lost her sight, and after winning the battle, her vision returned to her.” The character fought many battles and life. Experiences. “

The artist explained that the play had gained unimaginable fame, that the director had “taught her everything” and won a medal in recognition of his role in the work.

He said: “The court panel for the play will include director Noor El-Demardash and artists Hussein Riyadh, Saad Artash and Fatou Rashad.”

She was reminded when the late artist Hussein Riyadh told her: “You are ready to act, you can work with me tomorrow, but gaining knowledge is the best thing a person can do, especially gaining the trust of parents, because the actor has to be educated and highly cultured.”

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On the other hand, the Egyptian artist described himself as the “star of the house” in which he grew up, insisting that his upbringing was in a mystical family, and that he loved the Arabic language so much that he often spoke it. Listening to the news and the Quran.

When asked about the women who have influenced his life, he said: “They are 5: my grandmother, my mother, my sister, my husband’s mother and my daughter. Almighty God blessed me with five good women who taught me wisdom.”

Continuing, “Mom spends the entire summer vacation at the big family home, which is the community forum my mom headed for Mom. He listened to the problems of the neighborhood and found a solution. The house was like this. A rowing theater, so I hope all people live their childhood full of knowledge, understanding and motivation.

Zuhair al-Murshidi’s greatest grief of his life was the sacrifice of his older brother in the October 1973 war.

It is noteworthy that Zuhair al-Murshidi, the widow of the late artist Karam Mudawa and the mother of the artist Hanan Mudawa, participated in dozens of works of art al-Halwani and Arabesk, as well as Cairo 30 and Avta. The Protical Sun ”and other films.

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