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“100 Years” … the story of a film that was made in 2015 and decided to take 100 years later.


What will cinema be like after 100 years? Will cinemas still be valuable today? Where will the development of technology, technology and effects go? Will cinema reach Mars? What will be the taste of the viewer? All these are questions that arise. Spread the word to anyone who knows the details of “100 Years”, the makers of which decided to release it in theaters for the first time on this day, November 18, in order to set aside their place in the movies, 100 years after it was made in 2015. 2115.

In an action that some have described as crazy, director Robert Rodriguez and American star John Malkovich have shocked the world by releasing details of their “100 Years” movie, which is expected to be released 94 years later. The name was inspired when a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac 100 bottles aged, in general, the story of the film will remain completely secret until it comes out, but it is known to contain scenes about the future. According to the makers of the work, it was conceived by the director.

Also, in the official trailer for the film, which was released by Malkovich and Rodriguez at the end of the film, no scenes were shown explaining the idea of ​​the film, as Malkovich appeared in a bottle of cognac he had taken and kept in secret. Back 100 years later, when the time comes and security opens, a stranger appears behind Malkovich, ending the trailer, but some have discovered the imaginary attempts included in the trailer to show the difference between current technological reality and future reality. As a technical paradise.

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In 2015, the details of this film created a stir and controversy. The film was placed in a bullet proof capsule, and the makers deposited it in the warehouse of the Thirteenth Palace. Ludovic in France will open automatically on November 18, 2115. The capsule was shown at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and in many cities around the world, before returning to the French city of Cognac.

About 1,000 people, including the grandchildren of Malkovich and Rodriguez, were invited to the film to attend the film’s premiere, so that their grandchildren would discover a priceless masterpiece, presented by director Robert Rodriguez and star John Malkovich. It is unfortunate that world cinema, which has never seen the world before, knows whose fate will be 100 years later and none of the current generation will see this fate.

While the idea for the film “100 Years” is strange, it is not strange for Hollywood star John Malkovich, whose fans are accustomed to ideas unfamiliar to him, and filmmakers are considered first in choosing their own choice. It is against the nature of cinematographers to see one of their hits in the history of cinema and hear the applause of the audience, usually eagerly awaiting the day when their works will be released.

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