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Kobash emphasizes the importance of taking into account global priorities on climate


Chakrabarty, Speaker of the Federal National Council and President of the Arab-Parliamentary Union, stressed the importance of global priorities on climate change and the advancement of women and youth in the five tracks for 2022-2026. , Creating effective parliaments, improving their representation skills and promoting parliamentary activities. Encouraging joint, IPU accountability.

In his presence at a virtual consultative meeting of the leaders of the geopolitical committees in the Inter-Parliamentary Union in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Federal National Council, Dr. Omar al-Nuaimi, and the Assistant Secretary, Afra al-Basti, Pointed out the importance of having. Each parliament and its capabilities in its national community.

The agenda of the meeting included five key themes: consultation on the new strategy of the Inter-Parliamentary Union for the year 2022-2026, as well as the mechanism for electing the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the Standing Committees, as well as consultation on the forthcoming meetings. Formation of “Crimer-talking” advisory and financial commitments of member states and the Inter-Parliamentary Union Prize Board at upcoming meetings of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Commenting on the strategy, Chakrabarty said the Arab Group supports the core values ​​in this strategy, particularly working towards equality, transparency and unity, promoting unity of interests and sense of self.

He stressed the importance of having interim goals, the second strategic goal of representing all groups and factions in Parliament, and how these goals can work together to achieve its ultimate goal. Groups represented in communities, especially women and youth in political affairs. In this regard, Kobash cited the experience of the United Arab Emirates, which adopted interim targets until the representation of women in parliamentary work reached 50%.

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On the other hand, the parliamentary section of the Federal National Council participated in the work of the Symposium of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, organized by the Special Committee on the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, a member of the Federal National Council, represented this section at the Symposium of the Legislative Assembly in Barcelona in collaboration with the Spanish Parliament.

The agenda of the symposium consisted of nine sessions in which two days discussed the security and diplomatic implications of NATO and the Middle East and North Africa, as well as maritime migration, security and diplomatic challenges, regional conflicts, and climate change. Effects of Euro-Mediterranean region and “Govit-” epidemic 19 »and its effects on women.

In his intervention, al-Nuaimi stressed the need to understand the many changes that have taken place in the Middle East, in which the shape and orientation of the region are different than they were 50 years ago, so that the international community, especially Europeans, can adapt to the current situation, taking into account the will of the people in achieving peace and stability in the region. Liaising with regional countries for new initiatives. (Left)

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