March 25, 2023

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11 Picasso paintings sell for $ 100 million

11 Picasso paintings sell for $ 100 million

Renowned auction house Sotheby’s has sold 11 paintings by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso for $ 110 million at the world’s largest auction. Auction Fine Arts takes place in Las Vegas, USA.
The rare auction took place two days before Picasso’s 140th birthday, and MGM Resorts sells works in collaboration with Sotheby’s as part of a strategy to create additional work for women, minority artists and talented artists from developing countries in its valuable art collection. MGM Resorts.
The MGM Resorts Fine Arts Collection features nearly 900 works by over 200 artists, including modern works by Bob Dylan and David Hockney. Paintings And art collections by Steve Win, former owner of Bellagio 20 years ago and former CEO of Vin Resorts.
According to, the recently sold business, owned by MGM Resorts, was shown in a restaurant. Picasso At the Bellagio Hotel, the names of the eleven people who bought the paintings were not released.
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A group of carefully selected works

A participant photographs before the auction at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – Photo Reuters. Bridget Bennett

Nine paintings and two ceramic pieces by the Spanish artist, born October 25, 1881 and died April 8, 1983, were up for auction. According to Sotheby’s, who organized the auction, the collection has been in the works for more than 50 years.
Among the paintings sold during the auction was the 1938 painting “Woman in a Red Orange Hat”, depicting her museum, Mary Therese Walter, which sold for $ 40.5 million, and included a still sale at auction. Painting life with Fruit basket And Flowers, Nature Morde au Panier de Fruits and aux Fleurs, painted by Picasso during the 1942 Nazi occupation of Paris. It sold for $ 16.6 million.
Homme et Enfant sold at auction for $ 24.4 million. This is a magnificent two meter tall painting made by Picasso in 1959. Achievements Picasso at this important stage of his career.
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Spanish artist and one of the symbols of the twentieth century

A Peruvian Picasso painting sells for $ 4.4 million – from Sotheby’s official Twitter page

Notably, the Algerian women’s painting, which sold for $ 179.4 million in 2015, was the most expensive painting sold to Picasso, followed by A Little Girl with a Basket of Flowers, which sold for 5 115 million in 2018.
Pablo Ruiz Picasso is an international Spanish visual artist, painter and sculptor, one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century and proud to be founded. Cube movementFollowing his death in 1981 to mark his centenary, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) instituted the “Picasso Medal” award for the best person in the world of art and culture.

Picasso’s Still Life with Basket of Fruits Sold for $ 16.6 Million – From Sotheby’s Official Twitter Page

“Woman in a Red Orange Hat” by Picasso for his beloved Muse Mary-Therese Walter, a major turning point in Picasso’s inspiring and productive seasons, sold for $ 40.5 million – Sotheby’s Twitter