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2023 How can I get medical reason for university and will it be accepted by a private hospital?


By learning how to get a medical reason for university, we can point out that Saudi Arabia is currently working to provide many ways to provide services to citizens in a simple way. Can be obtained on the basis of medical excuse from the University.

How do I get a medical excuse for university?

To obtain your medical reason, you must work through the following steps:

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  • Access the sick leave service through the service guide.

  • Enter the service code you receive in a message on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your Identity Number or Residence Number.
  • By clicking Inquiry, your apology will be displayed. You can print it and submit it to your university.

Can medical excuse from private hospital be accepted?

As notified by the responsible authorities, the medical excuse must be submitted through Government Hospitals to be valid, hence medical excuse cannot be accepted in private hospitals or private hospitals.

Conditions for validity of medical report

For a medical report to be valid, it must have all the following characteristics:

  • It must be written by the treating physician.
  • Explain the illness the student is suffering from and the severity of the illness.
  • Mention the disease and all side effects of the treatment.
  • Write down the treatment required for that disease and the period of leave required.
  • Signature of treating physician with hospital seal.

Saudi Arabia is currently working to provide citizens with multiple ways to receive medical assistance, usually by providing many medical services electronically for the purpose of facilitating them.

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