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2023 Stars Who Had Hard Health Experiences And Madonna And Jamie Foxx Escaped Death!


In 2023, many world stars went through difficult experiences and health crises, some of them suffered from illness and lived bitter periods, and some of them miraculously escaped death due to the difficult health conditions they went through. Starring Madonna, Jamie Foxx and more.

Jamie Foxx will spend several months in hospital in 2023

Star Jamie Foxx suffered a difficult health crisis in 2023 and spent several months of the year in the hospital and out of the spotlight, due to health problems, the details of which Jamie Foxx is still keeping secret, which began last April, before… Jamie Foxx has recently been on the mend, and spoke about his health in his first public appearance this December at an event honoring him.

Jamie Foxx

In a speech after receiving the Vanguard Award, Jamie Foxx said: “I want to thank everyone. I’ve been through something. I’ve been through some things. It’s crazy. I couldn’t do this six months ago. I couldn’t. . .it’s great to be here and I’m enjoying every minute of it now. , that’s weird, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies that I went through because it’s going to be hard when it’s almost over. , When you see the tunnel… I saw the tunnel and didn’t see the light!”

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid Reveals Her Health Struggles in 2023

Star Bella Hadid was one of the celebrities who shared her health experiences with the public this year. She shocked the audience with the story of her illness, which lasted for almost 15 years. He revealed that he had suffered from Lyme Autoimmune Disease since his childhood. He recently recovered from it and published medical documents and pictures of various stages of his life. While undergoing treatment, he described it as an invisible suffering for years and revealed the difficult moments he experienced in his life while suffering from this disease. .

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Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid during her illness

Bella Hadid recently shared a heartwarming message on her Instagram account: “I’m a struggling little girl and I’m so proud of myself for not giving up. I thank my mother for keeping all my medical records with me. , never leave my side, protect and support, but above all, believe in everything, live in this state, which makes time and work worse when trying to make me, my family and the people who support me proud. Being sad and sick with so many blessings, privileges, opportunities and love around me has affected me in ways I can’t explain. “It was probably the most confusing thing ever.”

Celine Dion
Celine Dion

Continuous and impressive improvements in Celine Dion’s health

The Celine Dion star is considered one of the celebrities who most worried the public in 2023, due to continuous and impressive improvements in her health, after being diagnosed with a rare immune disease that affects her motor, despite her appearance during a hockey match a few months ago, she appeared in good condition, but in 2023 Eventually her brother revealed worrying developments about his health, Claudette Dion told Canadian website 7 Jours in a statement given by her sister Celine Dion. She no longer has control over her muscles, but she is working hard to fight the disease, but the future of her singing career… is unconfirmed, she and the famous star Celine hope to return to the stage, but they still do not know whether this will be possible or not, and many people have contacted her foundation. She added: “People are telling us they love her and are praying for her.” “For her, she gets lots of letters and gifts.

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Madonna narrowly escapes death after illness

Star Madonna also suffered a serious health setback in 2023 and caused public concern by postponing her tour dates after entering intensive care, where she contracted a bacterial infection that left her briefly in hospital. Her condition was so bad that doctors believed she would not survive, and she said in a news release. She told the audience at her first concert this year: “I didn’t think I would survive, neither did my doctors. That’s why all my children were sitting around me. “Woke up and I forgot five years of my life, or my death. I really don’t know where I was. But the angels protected me and my children. They were there, and my children were saving me every time,” she said of Lourdes, “and you told me my secret. If you want to know, how I survived, if you want to know how I survived, I thought I had to be there for my kids. . . . I had to live for them.” “.

Madonna on her tour

Before that, after leaving the hospital, Madonna sent an emotional message to the public through her Instagram account: “When I woke up in the hospital the first thing I thought was my children, my second thought was that I don’t want them. I don’t want to cheat anyone who bought tickets for my tour… I don’t want to cheat people either.” The people who have worked tirelessly with me over the past few months to create my show.. I hate to let anyone down…”

Images from the stars’ Instagram accounts.

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