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34.8 thousand new accounts for investors in Dubai Financial within 8 months


Brokerage firms in the Dubai Financial Market added 34,818 new accounts for investors in the first eight months of the year, amid a surge in market momentum since the announcement of the listing of 10 state- and semi-state-owned companies, which contributed to increasing its attractiveness. and attracting new segments of investors.

According to Dubai Financial Market data, the number of new accounts registered a growth of more than 51% from the beginning of 2023 to the end of last August, compared to 23,039 new accounts in the same period last year.

4,295 new accounts were distributed in August last, 3,570 accounts in July, 4,246 accounts in June, 5,349 accounts in May, 4,246 accounts in April, 6,591 accounts in March, 3,436 accounts in February and 3,02023 accounts in January.

The data shows a 73% increase in new accounts (4,295 accounts) in August 2022, an increase of about 2,484 new accounts in August 2022 equaling 1,811 new accounts.

Five brokerage firms accounted for approximately 83.4% of the total number of new trading accounts on the Dubai Financial Market in August 2023, which ultimately equated to 3,582 accounts, including “BHM Capital” with 1,341 accounts out of 859 accounts. Last July.

It is followed by “Emirates NBD Securities” with 856 accounts out of 727 accounts, then “Abu Dhabi Islamic Securities” with 531 accounts out of 473 accounts, then “Al Ramz Capital” with 457 accounts out of 541 accounts, and finally “International Securities” with 250 accounts.

In addition, local stock markets added more than 335 billion dirhams to their market capitalization in the first eight months of the year, fueled by new listings and increased demand from companies and investment portfolios.

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In addition to the “Al Ansari” listing, the market value of the markets was enhanced by four new listings in the Abu Dhabi market, including “ADNOC Gas”, “Brissite” Artificial Intelligence Solutions and “ADNOC Logistics and Services”. Financial services shares on the Dubai Financial Market. The market capitalization of listed stocks rose from 3.205 trillion dirhams at the end of last year to 3.54 trillion dirhams in the last session of last August, with 2.855 trillion dirhams distributed to listed stocks and 685.3 billion dirhams to stocks on the Abu Dhabi Securities Market. In the Dubai Financial Market.

7.43 billion dirhams, net purchases by companies

Amid increased investor opportunities and continued growth in the national economy, investment firms increased their purchases in local stock markets in the first eight months of this year.

According to data from the Abu Dhabi Securities and Dubai Financial Markets, institutional investment from January to the end of August reached net purchases of 210.472 billion dirhams worth of local stocks worth 7.438 billion dirhams, compared to gross sales of 203.035 dirhams. billion dirhams.

From the beginning of this year to the end of the last sessions in August 2023, companies reached a net investment of more than 6.125 billion dirhams in the Abu Dhabi securities market, after recording purchases worth 179.415 billion dirhams, compared to sales. 173.290 approximately one billion dirhams.

In the Dubai market, institutional investments reached net purchases worth Dh1.313 billion from the beginning of this year to the end of the last August session, after recording purchases worth Dh31.057 billion, compared to sales of Dh29.745 billion.

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Dubai market profit of 3.7 billion dirhams

At the end of the last trading sessions of the week, local stock markets attracted more than 1.13 billion dirhams of liquidity, with “International Holding” and “Emaar Properties” leading the trade. The liquidity was distributed after 941.527 million dirhams were traded in the Abu Dhabi Securities Market and 190 million dirhams in the Dubai Financial Market and 250.66 million shares were traded by executing more than 16.28 thousand transactions.

The Dubai Financial Market strengthened its gains at the close of trading, and its market capitalization gained more than 3.69 billion dirhams, mainly supported by gains in leading stocks in the real estate and financial sectors.

The market capitalization of shares listed on the Dubai Financial Market increased from 685.338 billion dirhams at the end of Thursday’s session to 689.03 billion dirhams at the end of Friday’s session, while the market capitalization of the Abu Dhabi Securities Market reached about 2.851 trillion. Dirhams.

The Dubai Financial Market Index rose 0.18% to 4,090.04 points and the Abu Dhabi Stock Market Index fell 0.24% to 9,786.63 points.

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