February 5, 2023

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Britney Spears' father agrees to give her custody

Britney Spears’ father agrees to give her custody

Los Angeles – (AFP)

Britney Spears’ father agrees to release his 13-year-old daughter from custody
According to information released by his defense attorneys in the court documents first announced by the popular news website DMZ, Jaime Spears wants to “cooperate with the new lawyer for the court and his daughter to prepare for a smooth transition to a new defense.”

The decision was a reversal of the victory for the 39-year-old pop star and her father, who initially opposed Britney Spears’ lawsuit seeking to withdraw protection from him.
The move has allowed the father to fully control his daughter’s financial resources since 2008, raising concerns about his daughter’s psychological state.

“Would replacing Ms Spears’ bodyguard be the best option?” Reads the document submitted by the father’s lawyer. This is a very controversial issue. “

Further prosecutors added, “It is true that Mr. Spears is under severe and unjustified attack, but he considers that a general dispute with his daughter over the role of a defender will not serve the interests of the singer.” Especially to give up this role. Security Committee Mr. Spears said it “wants to start solving pending problems” like the latest financial statement.

After these issues were resolved, he said, “He can relinquish this responsibility. But there are no emergencies that justify the immediate cessation of his duties.
Britney Spears’ attorney Matthew Rosangard praised the decision in a statement. He said: “We are pleased to see that Mr. Spears and his attorney today acknowledged the withdrawal of the defendant in court documents and that justice has been served on Britney.”

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However, this family affair is centered on financial wealth and may be far from over. “While he has been earning millions of dollars from his daughter over the past 13 years, we will continue our diligent investigation into the behavior of Mr. Spears and others,” the singer’s lawyer said. Rosenkard expressed his anger at the “shameful and shameful attacks targeting Britney Spears and others”, which, in his opinion, came from his parents and a former lawyer. According to Jamie Spears, he has been defending the role for years.