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50 Cent insults Madonna and compares her to an ant


50 Cent and Madonna

Sunday 29 October 2023 / 16:57

American rapper 50 Cent has renewed his old feud with Madonna, targeting her personally, threatening her appearance at her last concert and comparing her to an ant.

In a post on his Instagram account, 50 Cent posted a picture of Madonna in a shiny silver and black dress from her concert in London last week, and compared it to a cartoon image of a giant ant, commenting: “Who did this? She was rich, “How come she’s not okay? I want the doctors’ names now.”

Madonna’s fans defend her

In light of Madonna’s silence, her fans took to the comments section of 50 Cent’s Instagram account to defend the Grammy Award-winning artist, with one telling the rapper that his post was “not funny.” Another said: “That’s how it is. When it’s sad… a man hits a woman and blames her body.” A third added: “Shame on you…stop bullying the Queen of Pop,” especially since this isn’t the first time 50 Cent has bullied Madonna on social media.

Previous posts

The American rapper, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, according to “Journal”, has a long record of tarnishing the image of the pop star.Big 6In a statement released on Sunday, it highlighted the most significant levels of disrespect against Madonna, for example, when it posted a lifelike snapshot of Madonna next to images of aliens in June 2022 and accompanied it with an offensive comment. .

The comment said: “I hope she doesn’t take this pic of her kids…LOL, at 63, someone tell her to shut up, please.” But after some time, he returned to delete it. position, he was subjected to widespread attack as a result.

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And in 2021, “50 Cent” poked fun at Madonna’s age and youth behavior, responding with a lengthy post in which he said: “Here’s 50 Cent pretending to be my friend… Now you decide to be sarcastic about me! They think your new business is to get attention by trying to embarrass me. ” others on social media.

From best friends to worst enemies

According to the site “stableUntil 2003, they were best friends. The origin of the crisis between Madonna and 50 Cent goes back to 2011, after they were close friends in the first decade of the 21st century and shared the same production company. They always showed up at meetings. Or events that reveal the extent of their love for each other.

But in 2011, Interscope, the company that covers them, released Madonna’s new work before announcing her work, which she didn’t like, so she quickly took to social media to attack, equalize and threaten both the company and Madonna. The journey of conflict began and continues.

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