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The Clipper spacecraft will take a big step forward to launch the Europa satellite in 2024.


Thanks for reading. Read the news: The Clipper spacecraft is taking a big step towards launching it to Europa in 2024 …

Basrawy News Encyclopedia – I wrote: Nermin Salem NASA’s Europa Clipper mission is approaching the start of Jupiter’s journey to the icy moon, and the main body of the vehicle is 10 feet (3 m) high and 5 feet wide working aluminum cylinder (1.5 m) wide. The body of the spacecraft, which includes electronics, cables and an integrated propulsion system, arrived at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JBL) in Southern California in early June.

“This is a wonderful time and a great milestone for the entire project team,” Jordan Evans, JPL’s Mission Project Manager, said in a statement.

Engineers and technicians will now work on the mission assembly, including integrating the mission’s nine scientific instruments to prepare the spacecraft to launch on the SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket in October 2024.

NASA plans to make about 50 flights to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, which scientists believe has an inland ocean twice the size of Earth’s.

Coming to Jupiter in 2030, the spacecraft will use its equipment to collect data on Europe’s atmosphere, surface and interior and begin answering questions about the Moon’s location.

Clipper is also looking for potential water worms to emit samples from the underground ocean, which is said to pass through the crust of Europa.

Thanks for reading. Read the news: The Clipper spacecraft is taking a big step to launch into Europa in 2024 … the news is over.

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