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9 most effective tips to lose weight .. Learn them


At the beginning of each new year, many people are excited to make positive decisions, and one of the most common decisions is to lose weight.

When people set goals, shop for healthy foods and register as a member of the gym, they are more likely to find the best and easiest way to lose weight.

That’s why Eat This Not That reviews a panel of nutritionists’ comments on how to successfully lose weight by 2022 so you can spend less time looking for the most effective ways to burn fat, including:

1. Adequate sleep
“What a good night’s sleep does to the human body is amazing,” says Dr. Sue Noy Escobar, MD, medical nutritionist. First, it helps reduce sugar appetite and balance hormones that control appetite and appetite. He feels more energized when he exercises after a good night’s sleep. “

2. Excess free food
Dr. Escobar advises people to stop consuming large amounts of free foods during meal breaks: “A lot of people gain weight because they depend on portions for a few days, but they eat.

3. Protein for breakfast
Dr. Escobar recommends adding protein to breakfast, especially because it helps you feel fuller for longer, which facilitates the craving for higher calorie, high – fat foods until the time of the next meal.

4. Snacks and desserts
Sometimes one should eat a snack or dessert, Dr. Escobar says, so he advises, “Healthy alternatives like snacks or sweets are available because good alternatives help one lose weight while eating what one wants.”

5. Support beneficial bacteria
“The gut is often referred to as the second brain, so what we eat affects many processes throughout our body,” says dietitian Angela Lago. In fact, the impact of food on microbiology and thus on obesity is increasingly being researched. To have healthy or “good” bacteria in the gut, it needs nutrients and encouragement to grow in a variety of ways.

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Eat a nutritious diet:

(1) Fill at least half a plate of vegetables in the main meal.
(2) Choose foods or supplements that contain probiotics.
(3) Eat high-fiber foods to feed your healthy gut microbiota.

6. Calorie quality
Dietitian Dr. Elizabeth Ward insists that “every meal should include at least 20 grams of protein from foods such as milk, eggs, seafood and lean meats, and 10 grams of protein in snacks.” With hunger, the body takes in more energy to digest protein, which provides another benefit.

7. Focus on fiber
Make sure you eat 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day from foods such as beans, legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts, Dr. Ward adds. Regulates blood glucose levels. “

8. Adjusting the calorie table
Ward says the best time for the body to deal with calories is the beginning of the day, “eating at night makes it harder to control weight because insulin, the hormone that carries glucose into cells, does not work properly.” At night, reducing the intake of high-calorie foods in the evening has the added benefit of trying to lose weight. “

9. Food Diary
Dr. Ronald Smith, a medical dietitian, explains, “There are many reasons why having a diet diary can be a useful piece of advice for weight loss for 2022. It gives them the opportunity to know how much food a person has eaten and how it affects them, both physically and emotionally. Is responsible because many people forget what we ate during the day or exaggerate how much they ate.

Fast food is easy to eat because it is very tasty, but both the food diary, the types and the size, can help you do things right and correct mistakes, which can lead to better ability to lose weight and enjoy better health.

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