August 14, 2022

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نيللي كريم

“God bless her.” News

Honey Abul-Naga, divorced artist Nellie Kareem, responded to her earlier statements in which she said, “I had a demon in that man.”

Honey Abu al-Naga, while hosting the “People’s Words” program hosted by Yasmin Ez Media in MBC Egypt, said: “I know the report well, I’m not right, everyone has their faults. In response to the statement, God bless her.”

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He added, “He had different statements at all times. Before that, he had a statement that the announcer had pressured him to say the two words he had missed. In the end, I’m worried he’s fine.”

He added, “For the most important reason I can not answer her a second mistake. My eldest daughter is 15 years old, my youngest is about 11 years old. They live with me with understanding, the second party sees it. Their interest is here, but I can not respond to details and speed with these answers. can not be.”

Artist Nelly Kareem was a guest on the episode of “Their Victory” aired on Sky News Arabia, with her current husband Hisham Ashur, who said, “I was distrustful of men. From Ashball to Ashball, we have the word kapurt in Egypt.

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