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A 20-year-old Egyptian woman is running in the Rome municipal election


Mariam Ali, a 20-year-old Egyptian citizen with Italian citizenship, ran for the mayoral seat in Rome, Italy, where she is considered the youngest candidate for the election, which begins next October.

Maryam Ali, a young woman who grew up in the Italian capital Rome, said in a statement to the Cairo 24 website, “From a young age, her father, Sheikh Sami, joined her in charity work, and he taught her and helped others, young and old, with material and moral support. He encouraged her to give, listen to others, learn about the problems they face, and try to work on solving them.

Ali did not think much of taking the Rome municipal election because he decided that his candidacy would be a wide window so that he could help others in more detail, which she dreamed of when she was young, which came to the aid of her father, who greatly encouraged her in this endeavor.

Also, regarding the details of her candidacy for the municipal election, she said, “The Italian people were surprised at her young age, believing that she had no experience, and they also saw the veil they wore.The thing about Muslim women is that they were forced to wear the veil and had no meaning or character. . “

He added, “My candidacy is a strong, verbal response to Muslim women and every person who has a false belief about Islam.”

As Mariam was an Egyptian and an Arab woman who grew up in Italy, she gained access to a variety of cultures and languages, which helped to create a holistic picture of the society in which she lived, helping her to accept responsibility for that position. For that she ran.

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“I will not follow a certain course,” she insists, knowing that she knows the way Arabs and Italians think in Italy. All of these features made her realize that she was not inferior to them. “

In previous years he had established good relations with the Egyptian and Arab community in Italy, which helped to understand all the problems they face, including the problem of racism faced by Egyptian and Arab children in schools.

He added: “I believe there is a solution to every problem. There are many who do not have the strength to face these problems. If my father had not taught me courage, I would have kept their uniforms.”

“The number of the Egyptian community in Italy is huge and their voice should be heard in parliament,” he pointed out, adding that he was proud of his veil and his work.

“Her candidacy for this position did not negatively affect her university studies, but rather her love of working in social work, and filling it with enthusiasm was part of her day,” he explained. Since childhood. “


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