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The French company has launched the Digital Arts Center in Dubai


Following in the footsteps of Atlியர்s des Lamieres in Paris, the French company Cultures will open the Infinity Des Lumieres Center in July, immersing itself in the works of Van Gogh for its opening.

Van Gogh At the heart of one of the world’s largest shopping malls: French company Cultures, which specializes in 2.0 exhibitions, will open a digital art center in Dubai in July, turning it into a mecca for international tourism during the Emirates epidemic.

Against the backdrop of classical music and the soul, the works of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh are largely displayed on the floor and walls of a dark room, giving an experience. “SunkVisitors to the audience, in mode Adlier des Lumiியர்res in Paris. «Our mission is to make art accessible to all, so that we can share this new way of discovering art with as many people as possible.Catherine Oriol, director of the Future Infinity des Lumieres Art Center, told AFP. Dubai Mall.

“We hope to be able to create new exhibitions on the region, manuscripts and poetry in the future.”

Catherine Oriole, director of the Future Infinity des Lumieres Art Center

The company behind the project, Cultures, is set to open several digital art centers in France, South Korea and launch one in 2022 in New York. According to Ms Oriel, Dubai was chosen as the “center”» Internationally, 90% of the population of the United States is represented by millions of international visitors and foreigners. “We hope to be able to create new exhibitions related to the region, manuscripts and poetry in the future», Confirmed Mrs. Oriole. “It is very important that we can connect our site with the countryHe added.

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Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, has relied heavily on tourism and entertainment in recent years, with little oil and a very diverse economy of the Gulf. The city has been hosting the Universal Exhibition since October 2021, which was postponed last year due to a health crisis.

The Emirate was one of the first tourist destinations to open its doors to international visitors in the midst of an epidemic in July 2020. Known for its majestic skyscrapers and artificial islands, the city-state welcomes about sixteen million visitors a year before the health crisis.

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