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Home Minister: Parliamentary Election 100%


In an exclusive interview with the Al-Hurra channel, Minister of Interior and Municipalities Justice Pasham Mawlavi said just hours before the start of the voting process for Lebanese immigrants in the run-up to the parliamentary election, the Election Monitoring Board (NOC) had warned that “what leader bribes is dangerous and should be notarized.” And he should inform me and inform the public prosecutors who act immediately, but in fact I have not personally informed any of the candidates. He said: “When a judge and supervisor say there is bribery or he says there is guilt, he definitely has the evidence.

Against the backdrop of violating the election spending ceiling in the media and advertising, Mawlawi said in a complaint to Zibran Bazil, a representative of the “Lebanese forces” and “The Qadab” oversight board: “The oversight body did not report. I did nothing.”

He continued: “The Monitoring Board began its work on January 15, 2022, and today we are on May 5th. And if the matter seeks the intervention of the judiciary, we refer it to the judiciary or to the public prosecutor if it is a bribery issue, and if it’s related to the media and advertising, we place it in the publications court. All the logistics, support and backups you need. “

Responding to the chairman of the oversight committee, who spoke on the “financial and logistical issues facing the authority”, Mawlavi said: “There are no financial problems with the authority. We have given them two storeys of space in one building. Is the readiness and readiness of the Home Ministry to provide the required advance required by the Commission, we will fulfill it and pay the full amount, ” he said.

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In another context, Mawlavi revealed that “the Lebanese voting problem in the Emirates has been resolved and the embassy will be accepted as a polling station.” Following complaints to the embassy about the inability to accommodate the high number of registered voters, which is close to 21,000, the consulate was well equipped and tents were set up in its garden and necessary arrangements were made for foreigners. Vote without any problems, without any problems. “

“Complaints received from more than one Western country, such as France, have been resolved and some amendments have been made to facilitate the voting process for citizens,” he explained.

Molloy pointed out that after the confusion over the distribution of ballot papers in Australia, “the embassy official implemented the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the distribution of voters by postal code according to their residential address.”

Commenting on the by-elections, Mawlavi said, “An order will be issued on Thursday, May 5, in which voters within the country will be allowed to cast their ballots after we have stamped their expired passports. ஆயிரம் 200,000 in financial assistance, as happened to foreigners. ” “.

“He was asked about the security protections enjoyed by some candidates, while other candidates did not receive attacks, especially in Bekaa and the south,” Mawlavi said. The military and security forces are unaware of the attack on the opposition. “

The Home Minister assured that the parliamentary elections were 100% complete and that all arrangements were in place and that the security forces would not hesitate to play their role in the registration committees, polling stations and polling stations and that the security forces were fully prepared. .

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