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A miserable place.. again a mental hospital occupying Iraqis


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“A pathetic place..could this be a hospital?” With these words, many Iraqi activists recalled the case of Al-Rashad Hospital in Baghdad, which was commissioned to treat people suffering from mental and psychological illnesses.

Today, Sunday, some Iraqis posted new pictures on Twitter of the hospital, which sparked widespread controversy earlier this month, showing its deplorable condition, which is now supposed to receive patients in need of psychological care.

The photos showed the level of dirt in the aforementioned hospital, while we could not verify its authenticity.

Few remember Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudaani’s visit to Qadimiya Hospital in the capital Baghdad late last year, shocked by videos of the facility circulating on social media, and vowed to try to improve health services in the country. .

However, not much has changed since then. In recent months and weeks, the issue has resurfaced as Iraqis share video clips from some hospitals in Baghdad or abroad. they.

It is worth noting that Iraq’s health sector suffers from many problems exacerbated by the corona pandemic, and in addition to underdevelopment in many regions, due to years of war and corruption.

A crisis of corruption in many official institutions has exacerbated the problem of the deterioration of the health sector in an oil-rich country, but one-third of its population lives below the poverty line, AFP reported.

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