August 8, 2022

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Russian epidemiologist: “Omigron” turned from pink dreams to a mild cold



Alexander Korilov, deputy director of the Russian Institute of Epidemiological Research, said that the number of hospital admissions had not decreased due to the aggressive nature of the Omigron mutant, and warned against underestimating the effects of the mutant.

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In this context, Gorelov pointed out that about 20,000 people enter hospital beds every day in Russia, which is nothing more than rosy dreams of optimistic expectations of the possibilities of dealing with the “Omigran” strain as a simple cold.

The Russian scientist and epidemiologist told a scientific conference: “Yes, the disease may be mild, but the latter side effects are similar to those of other strains. Adverse effects are undesirable and cause problems in adults and children similar to previous strains. “

In this context, physicians have reportedly identified a set of potential problems that may be affecting those recovering from goiter. These symptoms last for about a year for some people, not just for a month or two as doctors thought.

Symptoms of weakness include not only a feeling of exhaustion from physical activity, but also emotional stagnation and immediate fatigue from a little physical exertion, so the expert pointed out that “getting out of bed to make a cup of tea”. Is a problem. “

In addition to physical weakness, they suffer from increased anxiety, memory impairments, especially short-term, sleep disturbances, frequent insomnia, headaches, difficulty concentrating, irritability and irritability.