June 8, 2023

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Yemeni Defense Minister stresses the need to improve the efficiency of intelligence and intelligence

Yemeni Defense Minister stresses the need to improve the efficiency of intelligence and intelligence

Today, Sunday, Yemeni Defense Minister Lieutenant General Mohammed Ali al-Maktashi chaired an expanded meeting of intelligence and intelligence services at the Ministry of Defense and its related departments.

The defense minister briefed Maj. Gen. Ahmed Mohsen al-Yafi, head of the military intelligence and intelligence service, on the progress of the work. Ongoing developments.

The Minister of Defense stressed to the leaders that “dual efforts should be made to improve performance in line with developments, modern technology and exceptional conditions experienced by the country”. Council, and emphasizes the need to work tirelessly to “enhance the effectiveness of the security and intelligence services and to provide competence and training to their members and the components that cooperate with them.”

Al-Maktashi said: “Intelligence must carry out the tasks entrusted to it efficiently and effectively, and improve coordination and coordination between the various intelligence and security services to exchange information and experience to protect national security and thwart conspiracies. Stop the enemy and expose their plans.”

The defense minister added that “the intelligence service plays an important role in maintaining the security and stability of the country, and the military agency represents the cornerstone of maintaining its unity and solidarity.” Defense is no less important than field warfare, because warfare and operational outcomes are, to some extent, essential in intelligence and intelligence assessments. “

Al-Maqdashi explained that “the leadership of the Ministry of Defense is working to enhance cooperation and partnership with brothers and friends in the field of security and communications.” Efforts by the Saudi-led coalition to support legitimacy.

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