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A new Arabic cinema that will captivate audiences with “Robot” and “Fantasia”


The strong earnings currently seen after the suspension of the Egyptian cinema “Govit-19” epidemic were due not only to the large number of films shown, but also to the fact that a large number of stars were eager to return to their audiences this season, but it also saw the release of different films than usual, which was described as “new cinema”. It is a key feature of the film industry that relies heavily on the use of modern technologies.

One of the most important of these films was “Musa”, which was announced to be the first robot story in Arab cinema, written and directed by Peter Mimi, and after the release of the campaign video, the film sparked controversy on social media. Appreciates the professional idea as well, believing that someone else presented the Western genre film on a special level, and that anyone who wants to present a similar Arabic work should start from where the West ends, not from the beginning.

Pleasure and critique

Filmmakers, including director Amr Salama, who praised director Peter Mimi in a tweet via his Twitter account, were eager to appreciate the work.

The star, Ahmed El-Sakka, wrote on his Twitter account: “The film (Moses) is a professional and strong move in Egyptian and Arab cinema. Good luck and you will break the world, God willing. It’s always different, Peter.”

When he praised the artist Aamir Carrara who appeared at the end of the film, he revealed the new part of the series “The Undertaker” which started with “Musa” titled “The Angel of Death”. Carrara wrote: “When Peter Mimi spoke to me about his dream of working as an Egyptian-Arab cinematographer, frankly, at first, I was joking about the title, but after seeing the film (Moses) for the first time, I see you working in Egypt and the Middle East for the first time, it was a corable work. No limit, and get ready for an Arab cinema world, and follow (the angel of death).

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On the other hand, post-screening film criticism focuses on the director and the crew’s focus on modern technologies such as sound effects, photography and advanced graphics, at the expense of interest in the script. The dramatic plot of the work, to create a coherent and concise image for the viewer.

“Predatory Shark”

Another film that represents a new genre of film in Arab cinema is the film “Mako”, which released its promotional poster a few days ago, after being postponed more than once in early September due to the epidemic “Govit-19” epidemic, or “shark movie.” “It was marketed as the first film to deal with chases, and its campaign poster released the image of a predatory shark. Earlier posters took pictures of the heroes of the film, and much of it was filmed underwater, and the producer had previously appointed a global graphic team to participate in many world-famous films.

The events of the film were inspired by the true story of the sinking of the Egyptian boat “Salem Express” in the Red Sea, which is considered one of the most tragic accidents in the region. Meet, and they face many surprises and disasters. Written by Ahmed Halim and Muhammad Habnavi, the film is directed by Muhammad Hisham al-Rashidi and stars Murad Yildirim, Basma, Nicholas Mohd, Naheed al-Sebai, Munder Raihana, Ferial Yousuf, Amr Wahba, Muhammad Mahran and Sarah al-Sarah.

“Man and Mongoose”

The film “Al-Mans wa Al-Nims”, which currently tops the box office in Egypt and the Arab world, brought the trio of artists Mohammad Henidi, director Sharif Arafa and producer Hisham Abdel-Kalek back to work together after 17. Years after the release of “The Great Bean of China”.

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In statements consistent with the show’s opening, Henidi described the film as a new quality: “The film gave more space to all other elements, including soundtrack, montage, costumes, graphics and make-up. The film marks a new step in the history of Egyptian cinema. And belongs to a special category that enjoys an attractive visual perspective, with the world offering a variety of content and comedy horror themed films that demonstrate the quality of the film industry in Egypt and its ability to sustain its momentum. “

The “The Man and the Mongoose” events take place in a comedic horror setting. The film was written by Menna Shalabi, Sabreen, Amr Abdel-Khalil, Baomi Fouad, Sharif Dzouki and guest of honor Salah Abdullah, story and direction by Sharif Arafa, and Kareem Hassan Bashir.


Another type of new film presented by director Omar al-Zuhairi in his film “Fish” has won two awards at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival, namely the Weberici Award for Best Picture in the parallel categories and Best Film Award Critics Week at the festival.

“Rhesus” mixes reality and fantasy because it deals with the story of a father who decides to celebrate his eldest son’s birthday, so he brings in a magician to deliver an entertaining passage for the children.

Filmmakers were keen to praise the film “Musa”, while audiences criticized it after its screening.

Ahmed El Sakka:

“Film (Moses) is a professional and a strong transformation in Egyptian and Arab cinema.”

Things are getting out of control

The story of the movie “Moses” revolves around a student in an engineering college who finds a “robot” to help him in his daily life, but when things get out of control, it is about his planned goal. It stars Kareem Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Iyad Nasser, Asma Abu Al Yasid, Sarah Al Shami, Mohammad Zuma, Salah Abdullah, Ahmed Al-Awadi, Tafar Al-Abidin, Ahmed Hadem and many more.

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