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A new dress for the same story – light


All fairy tales revolve in some way around the phenomenon of transition from one state to another, and most revolve around the transition of maturity, from ignorance to science, from childhood to adulthood, and especially from childhood to womanhood, where most of the heroes of the stories are young women (the princesses are those who defy the rules of that transition and maturity). Happens when little girls do something forbidden, when Little Red Riding Hood goes into a forbidden place. The forest, when Sleeping Beauty touches the needle that sends her into a deep sleep, or when Cinderella goes secretly to the dancer’s ball. But the biggest and most violent change comes in Hans Christian Andersen’s famous story The In The Little Mermaid, the mermaid breaks her. Landing from the sea with the help of her father’s rules and a cunning witch, she loses her mermaid tail and undergoes a transformation that is more physical and expressive in the most imaginary roles, two legs and two legs that make her live together in a new environment she chooses, The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular fairy tales and has been dealt with in visual media, especially cinema, and the fluidity and clarity of the metaphor of change means that change can be easily understood and accepted by any group of people. , the story is an allegory of transition from one gender to another, the transformation of a large part of the body, the biological nature of the organism, whether mythic or real, usually the fluidity of identity and the quest for self-knowledge and the pursuit of it.

Another aspect that makes The Siren a wonderful and ever-quotable story is the pure magic of the idea of ​​sea worlds, especially the historical reference to sailors and ships and the seductive song of sirens capable of seducing men and sinking ships. A different social and biological entity underwater can be any form of siren, a girl with fiery red hair like Disney’s famous Golden Age adaptation of 1989 or a pale girl with blue-green hair like the sea in the 1976 Russian adaptation In his latest addition to the world of well-established animation, Walt Disney The company chose Disney’s young actress Halle Bailey, who combined her acting and singing skills to recreate hits that children and adults alike would later love. In the eighties version, Bailey has vivid brown skin and red hair designed for her that doesn’t quite match the design of the cartoon character, but instead gives the little mermaid a new unique personality that can be imagined in her blue or red ocean. With interlocking features, long braids and a magical voice that melts hearts, the option became the focus of endless attacks, reaching the point of outright bullying the young actress before and after the film’s theatrical release. Shown, it became the only option to watch the movie.

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Angel 1989/ Angel 1976/ Angel 2023

A new cap to the same story

Directed by “Bob Marshall” who is famous for show films in the style of the classic version, the events of “The Little Mermaid” produced in 2023 are ruled by a powerful god (Javier Bardem) under the sea. ), a loving father to his daughters, a group of beautiful and obedient angels, but the youngest, Ariel (Hayley Bailey), is a passionate rebel. Due to shipwrecks or natural human tendency to encroach on water bodies and their surrounding environment, material falling from land into the sea, its uses and what it is, the risk of reaching the surface, increases the interest to explore it. The world, until one day a ship crashes and its crew drowns, but he saves the handsome Prince Eric, I heard about his love for exploring the world, so I felt a personal connection with him and a desire to reach him. That means price.

A scene from The Little Mermaid 2023

Events continue as in the animated version, the fairy meets a cunning witch and snatches her voice and all the familiar details borrowed from Hans Christian Andersen’s 1989 story. After the sea refuses to kill the human prince, but in the two Disney versions it becomes a story about identity and transformation rather than an act of self-destruction. The film goes through all the familiar storylines in one sequence, using extra time for dialogue, and conveying the nymph’s motives for going ashore and embracing otherness and cultures, and the conflict between sea people and land people. It takes place in response to the criticism that classic films have always been subjected to because of the superficiality of women’s motives, such as leaving their entire world behind for a young man they once saw and fell in love with.

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But aside from the film’s life-giving performances, the rest of the production is a bleak and perhaps boring distraction for young audiences, and the racial politics that should be the film’s crux and main point of attack are confusing demographics. The secondary characters, apart from Ariel being a mermaid of the sea with her sisters, are multi-racial, which could easily explain the trend of the ancient gods taking hundreds of wives from all over the world, but each one’s preference for a particular race came systematically and deliberately, not arbitrarily or progressively, and when we reach the surface, colorblind. The principle of inhabiting the characters becomes inconsistent and sensitive to multiculturalism, but forgivable, some critics in the West expressed concern about the film’s neglect. It’s difficult to imagine a film that chooses slavery on an 18th-century Caribbean island, and how it might mislead children who experience the world through popular blockbusters, but it treats topics of this weight lightly. , because it is not the first to create an educational story, but what makes it successful is that it is seen on a large scale and attracts millions around the world with characters that can be of other shapes and races. No supremacy, don’t see race as we see it, don’t associate it with political agendas or social and racial differences, but rather teach us to enjoy the riot of colors or the beauty of a girl pretending to be a princess. Dancing songs and above all imagining themselves in the place of the main character who lives in a colorful magical world and has flippers shiny, braided hair and the freedom to choose his own destiny.

Movies without character design

Live-action remakes of animated classics have become predictable productions almost every year, but since 2019’s The Lion King, it’s started to take on a more realistic and whimsical aesthetic for kids. Animals that looked playful in 1994 look like real jungle animals. Cartoon characters create a gap between the audience of the original movie in the 90s and the new audience that first removed all interest in children’s film enjoyment, and that approach continues in the design of the animal characters. The Little Mermaid replaces lovable childlike characters with other characters who look like real animals and creatures, but who speak and sing. It bores both children and adults. A design idea from the ground up, as the characters have no personality, other than being inspired by real-life animals.

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Flounder from The Little Mermaid 2023 movie

The human characters also had design flaws. Apart from the main characters, the supporting characters try to recreate the wonder and individuality of the characters in the classic version, appearing as faded versions due to make-up or visual effects. Superheroes rather than magical realms, it shows more than anything else Ursula, played by Melissa McCarthy, remains one of the most interesting classic characters of all time. Queen, a term associated with a strange culture in which men and women wear extravagant, glittering makeup and evening gowns, has become an icon of cultural representation for generations and generations of viewers and followers of popular culture, another sign of a genuine lack of interest in acting or integrating individuals. Appropriate backgrounds or actresses practicing this type of performance so the end result is dull and hard to remember, and with the choice of subdued lighting it’s hard to even see the actress’s facial expressions or her attempt to create the character. Special.

Ursula 1989 / Ursula 2023 / Actress Divine
Ursula 1989 / Ursula 2023 / Actress Divine

The Little Mermaid movie is part of an ongoing process of making money as quickly as possible for a company that has become its first concern within the film’s financing, without much focus on the cultural impact or the arts that live beyond the film’s time. Because of the universality of the story and the presence of a new generation of children, they want to test her in theaters, where the 3D film of the sea world and dancing fish, but despite her lack of real interest in creating a coherent story in ethnic representation, she gives a young actress the opportunity to show off her many talents and get big roles. Provides, and provides another standard for women in the world. Parties and birthdays.

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