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Emirates News Agency - 40 foreign films hosting the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth

Emirates News Agency – 40 foreign films hosting the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth

Sharjah, October 6 / WAM / The activities of the eighth edition of the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth, organized “from a distance”, the “Fan” Foundation, which is interested in promoting and supporting children’s media art. Young people in the United Arab Emirates will be hosting 40 foreign films, which will be screened from October 10 to 15 under the slogan “Think about Cinema”.

Foreign films, which account for half of the total number of films participating in this year’s festival, are divided into five sections of the festival’s, which include fiction films, student – made films, international short films, animated films and documentaries, as well as unique art and cinematic visions of childhood from around the world.

Six films will be screened in the student-created film category targeting children over the age of 8, including: The Shroud, a silent short film directed by Juan King, Nathan Grabot, Hosi Huang, Nikolai Yaniv, Mandembe Leban and Theo Tron Enkok. From France, and from France “Theo Tron Ngok” in French, “A Journey to My Friends House”, which is a Hindi Bengali film, plus two English language films, “Mothers Sweater” and “Goodbye Robin”.

In the international short film category, which targets children 8 years of age and older, the festival will feature Gina Don’s “The Pencil” in English and Chinese, “The Big Little Man” in Taiwan, Diana Su, in French, and directors “Pierre LaGall and Sarah Malian” in addition to “Dobout”. , “Timo’s Winter” in Italian by Giulio Mastromaro and “Mother’s Calf” in Russian by Victoria Rontsova.

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Male and female directors from Argentina, New Zealand, France, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States and Belgium, mostly in English, French and Spanish. And others.

This category includes many films for children under the age of seven, including Galen Sander Foote’s “Little Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Impossible Hug” and directors Max Long and Daniel Sanaton’s The Snail and the Whale.

The films are aimed at children over the age of 8 and feature the Persian film “Al-Jus” directed by Mohammed Reza Haji Kolami and the Korean director Kim Jin Yu’s “Puri” film.

The eighth edition of the festival selected five European and Asian films in the documentary category for the education and entertainment of children between the ages of 8+ and 10+ and stimulates their interest in this type of film.

Those who want to watch movies and follow the function of the festival can access the following link:

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