March 30, 2023

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A new “intelligence dog” in Egypt… has a strange reason for preying on its neighbors

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Authorities transfer the dog to a rehabilitation center after Amira Shanab, an Egyptian broadcaster, attacked her neighbor in the Sheikh Zayed area, which has caused a stir in Egypt over the past few days and left him in a coma.

Mahmoud Fadi, a rehabilitator who adopted the dog, told that recent reports that the dog was violent and aggressive are false and that it may have been mishandled. Breeding, specifically the problem is not the breed of dog, but the breeding.

He added that a dog, regardless of its type, needs special treatment and its owner must undoubtedly be responsible for its behavior, and he must know the reason he bought it, and that indicates whether the dog is protected or not. Training is required.

The dog may have been subjected to predatory and predatory behavior towards its neighbors.

According to experts Al, the pitbull dog is one of the strongest and most ferocious dog breeds in the world, and is a hybrid product between a few different breeds, and is characterized by a square-shaped head. And many more colors.

They explained that the pitbull is a fighting dog, lion-like in its ferocity and strength, and capable of attacking other animals.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, the public prosecutor’s office in Egypt ordered the imprisonment of Amira Shanab’s husband, accusing him of negligence.

In particular, the investigation revealed that the dog that jumped from the top of the garden wall was constantly attacking the neighbors.

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