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Emirates News Agency – Museum of the Future launches orbital space station simulator “Amal”.


– Orbital space station simulator “Amal” offers an opportunity to experience different scenarios of life in space stations.

– The simulator uses artificial intelligence technology to help the audience learn about future technology applications.

DUBAI, March 7 / WAM / The “Museum of the Future”, in collaboration with international company SAP, has announced the launch of the “Amal” orbital space station simulator to provide visitors with an innovative and new experience. Future Satellite to see the future of technology’s role in improving the stability of stations.

The orbital space station “Amal” simulator is located on the “Future Today” site of the museum, a space dedicated to showcasing future technologies capable of improving the quality of human life. Energy, materials and opportunities for all residents and plants.

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, visitors to the museum can experience one of three stations dedicated to solving a set of challenges using advanced technologies from SAP to reduce emissions and waste, and the simulator has a “Knowledge Wall”. How the various technologies used by the company work

Within the framework of the strategic partnership announced between them last year, the orbital space station simulator “Amal” was launched as part of a special event organized by SAP at the museum on future innovation, sustainability and digital transformation.

Majid Al Mansouri, Deputy Managing Director of the Museum of the Future, emphasized that the partnership with SAP increases the importance of the museum’s role as a global testing ground for the latest technologies and future innovations and as a hub for international partnerships. Developing new solutions to the most pressing challenges facing humanity in the coming years and decades.

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He said that Museum of the Future aims to design innovative experiences and solutions that serve societies in line with the vision of the future, which believes that the human mind is the main and key pillar in achieving human aspirations, and is a key tool in creating future technology. New opportunities guaranteeing a better future for future generations.

For his part, Sergio Magota, Senior Vice President of the South Middle East and Africa Region at SAP, confirmed that the “Orbital Space Station Simulator” Amal “offers an interactive opportunity for all visitors of the “Museum of the Future” of all ages to learn more about the role of innovation in ensuring a sustainable future.

Makoto pointed out that the announcement to introduce this innovative experience is in line with the UAE’s declaration that 2023 will be the Year of Sustainability, during which it will host the Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change Conference (COP 28). Year after year, the simulator’s focus is on defining the importance of achieving “zero” emissions and waste in the future.

Maguda explained that a recent survey study commissioned by SAP showed that most companies in the UAE are aware of the importance of achieving the highest standards of sustainability due to its importance in the future success of their business. Companies face increasing pressure from customers and partners to demonstrate their sustainable practices, and by increasing the financial value that sustainable practices bring to the business.

He said that in a survey conducted by “YouGov” commissioned by SAP, 96% of companies in the UAE recognize the importance of sustainability as one of the business goals, 52% that it is important to its success and 94% have decided. Producers in the information technology sector, among those surveyed, will establish a link between their company’s financial performance and their strategy for sustainable growth in the next 12 months, while 36% of them confirmed that the link is necessary.

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The most important goal of the sustainability goals set by their companies for the next 18 months is to address sustainability in supply chains, with 65% of decision makers reporting “reducing waste” (62%) and reducing carbon emissions. (53%).

On the other hand, the survey showed that companies in the UAE are paying more attention to digital transformation, with 89% of them planning to increase investment in cloud solutions and services for digital transformation in the next 18 months, and 95% of participants indicated that technology and innovation are key to the success of their strategy for sustainable growth.

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