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A period of 30 days from the beginning of the study to vaccinate students 12 years of age and older


The UAE held an occasional press conference to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the new corona virus in “Covit-19”, during which it announced that students aged 12-18 would be given a 30-day grace period. All unvaccinated and non-vaccinated students under this age should be subjected to laboratory testing in order to give all non-vaccinated people a chance to be vaccinated during the first school day. PCREvery two weeks.

In detail, the official spokesman for the National Commission for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, Dr. Saeed Al Taheri, Govt. Significant reduction in the incidence of injuries, the protocol for the implementation of educational facilities during Govt 19. The epidemic was previously reported, and it includes nurseries, child care centers, and public and private school education in addition to public and private higher education. And training centers and institutions in various parts of the country.

Al-Taheri said: “After the 30-day period, all students 12 years of age and older received two vaccines, and 14 days after the second dose, should undergo a laboratory test.” PCROn a monthly basis, students between the ages of 12-18 will be given a 30-day grace period from the first school day to allow everyone who has not been vaccinated to be vaccinated. PCR Every two weeks.

He added: “People under the age of 4 and under 12 should be subjected to laboratory testing.” PCR Or by testing saliva monthly, whether they are vaccinated or not, they have distance learning, and students between the ages of 12 and 18 should have laboratory tests if they have not been vaccinated and have medical exceptions approved by health officials.PCR This is done weekly and the option of distance learning is available to them and all ages, whether they are restaurants or not.

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Al-Taheri added: “Excluded groups of university, college and institutional students will be allowed to study in person with the obligation to conduct a laboratory examination. PCR Weekly, but for their safety we advise distance education because it is available to them as well, ”he said, adding that attendance education for university students, colleges and institutions will be limited to vaccinated students with two columns. , And for non-vaccinated students, distance education is available to them.

Al-Taheri confirmed that during education and administration, families of students must download the al-Hosn application for their children to demonstrate vaccination status and exam results. Employees and service providers should start work on educational facilities 14 days after the second dose of the two-dose vaccine Receive a negative test result PCR When they start studying in educational facilities at the beginning of the year its duration does not exceed 96 hours.

He pointed out that families of students can enter educational facilities, the Green Transport Protocol applies to them, and advised families of students to wait until each medical case is evaluated individually by a specialist doctor to go to distance education. Determines appropriate tests and vaccines.

Al Taheri pointed out that events in educational facilities will be allowed to be organized with all precautionary and preventive measures, the use of the Green Transport Protocol to enter the event and the requirement to obtain a test result (PCR) Negative,

He stressed that the protocol is subject to renewal and change based on the epidemiological situation in the country, and health officials are following up with the addition of new age groups to be vaccinated at the next stage. The protocol may include some comprehensive procedures, which will vary from one emirate to another and will be announced locally according to the conditions of the educational facilities within each emirate.

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Al-Taheri stressed the need to use personal protective equipment, exchange with colleagues, avoid shaking hands during greetings, and ensure that all Muslim staff and students bring their own prayer rugs with the commitment to wear masks during prayers. The prayer rooms will be cleaned and disinfected after each use, and the facility shall be assigned an isolated room in accordance with the requirements prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Social Security, and the procedures for handling suspicious or confirmed cases of Govt-19 shall be followed. .

He pointed out that the commitment of educational facilities and adherence to preventive measures approved by the concerned authorities in the country is very important. Emphasizes its commitment to transportation services and all safety requirements and commitment to absorption energy. Approved

Educational Facility Committees

The official spokesman for the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Dr. The accepted health precautions in the country and all the tedious practices in this protocol are an essential step to ensure the safety and health of all and to ensure the continuity of the education system in the country. We all have a responsibility, but the most important and vital role in this is for parents, especially to raise awareness and guide children and improve their culture by adhering to all precautionary measures and prevention.

Al-Taheri added: “In light of the exceptional circumstances in which we lived in the pre-Kovid-19 epidemic, we would like to thank the efforts of groups, educators and academics and all workers at the state level. We thank all the parents for their commitment and continued support for the success of the march, and the march.” Create a generation that knows the importance of protecting education and the interests of the nation. ” He thanked the administrators and teachers for their devotion to the performance of their sacrifices and duty in returning students to school in health and safety.

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