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A rapid test can detect cancer and heart disease very quickly


New technology can achieve results in diseases Cancer and the heart Within a day.

It looks at current screening for cancer and heart disease British Health Service About the symptoms of these dangerous diseases the blood And thisUrine.

These tests seek to find certain biomarkers that can predict the disease, and this can take days, pending results from labs that need to be kept at a certain temperature.

A new test called CrisprZyme provides results the same way, but within 24 hours.

Exam time is reduced Technology A new, omitted amplification procedure, which is based on model cloning the blood and enough urine so that traces of proteins can be detected in body fluids.

In this test, as is the case with the paper test, results can be given by the color change that appears in the presence of hazardous material, so there is no need to send samples to laboratories as is currently done. sunflower.

A dark color means that there are more and more substances than others in the experiment.

The discovery of the new test comes in a study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, and was developed by researchers from Britain, Germany and the United States.

Molly Stevens, lead researcher on the study, said: “Our test, like other tests, indicates the presence of biological material, but it is a simpler diagnosis than it currently is.”

What makes the experiment different is that it can tell us how much of this substance there is, and it’s not just helpful. DiagnosisInstead, it monitors its progress and how well the body responds to treatment.

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This test is very simple and can be done in a clinic GPThis reduces the hassle of waiting for appointments at labs and continues after exams are done.

The British expert did not specify the price of the new test or the date of its introduction to the market, but he indicated that it may be available in developing countries, which means that it will be available at a reasonable price.

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