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Friendship is a perennial treasure, and this phrase is a great place to start; Who among us can live alone without a boyfriend or girlfriend? Nothing can replace friendship in this life, we should be careful to choose a loyal friend, a friend we can trust even after a while, no matter how many days and events pass, a friend who has a stain on the relationship. Family expert Dr. Amal Ibrahim says: “There are no words to describe the position or value of a faithful friend in the heart of a friend;

Words about dead friends

Beautiful phrases about girlfriends

• My dear friend, I cannot express my love for you or describe your place in my heart.
My friend, I am sending you my deepest longing and the most precious words with the most subtle meanings to thank you for your presence in my life; You are the most special person in my life.
• I want time to go slower than it does; So our meeting lasts and we finish the conversation that cannot be finished no matter how long it takes.
• I feel comfortable and confident talking to you; How to stop talking to you one day!
• I may wonder how much God loves me, but your presence with me and in my life confirms that I have received the greatest blessing in my life.
• You are my loyal and faithful friend, with whom I always feel safe; I speak as I please, without fear or dread, without realizing the true meaning of the words I constantly choose; No one can understand my words and their meaning like you.
• Many people pass through our lives, but they do not make a lasting impression on them; We find them gone and never coming back, but always near us, constant and unchanging, a faithful friend who rejoices in our joys, grieves in our sorrows, supports and helps us in adversity before prosperity. .
• Everyone wants to be by our side in times of happiness, but a loyal friend is the one who stands by us in times of distress, shares the pain and sad feeling with us, which no one else can do.
•Friendship is the most valuable and valuable thing in life, only those who have lost it realize the value of friendship, a good friend is a blessing from God – the Most High – He shares the paths of life with us and supports us. to do good.
• True friendship gives you a real sense of happiness and does not require any conditions or restrictions; Friendship is pure love.
• When good friends are in our lives, they guide us and direct us to the right thing; They cannot see us standing off the track.
• A faithful friend strengthens his friend; It is a true mirror that shows strengths to highlight, weaknesses to erase and flaws to erase.

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Beautiful phrases about girlfriends

Beautiful phrases about girlfriends

• The first person you remember when you’re down is your true friend; He is the first in hand to acknowledge your breakup; It gives you strength and helps you heal and come back stronger than ever.
• A faithful friend is a friend with a pure and immaculate heart filled with endless love.
• My true friend is the soul that gives me life She is the heart that beats in me. No matter how happy or sad we live together. We cry and laugh together.. We stay together no matter what. We live longer.
• My faithful friend is what makes me feel alive; It is the pulse of my life, its presence with me, the distinctive mark that makes me feel the desire to stay and continue; She is my soul mate and sanctuary.
• O God, protect my friends from the sorrows that dwell in their eyes, from the news that interferes with their path of happiness, from the diseases that rob them of their health, and keep them away from the cares and pains of life.
• A friend is a vibrant soul who embraces and embraces those days and lives with me, whether sad or happy, she cries with me, laughs at my happiness, she is my refuge at all times.
• Her presence is a highlight in my life.
• There are some people who carve special feelings deep within us, whose memory is immortalized by time. We love their presence, we are proud of their love; May God preserve them for us, and we desire from God that love and affection may continue between us.
• We fight, we complain, love is in hearts, it is not affected by slips or mistakes, it cannot separate us, that is friendship.
• We hear about friendship from childhood, but in old age we know its true meaning, that spiritual connection that words do not express, actions prove its strength.
• Friendship in its true sense is connected with the eye and the hand. When the hand hurts, the eye tears, and when the eye tears, the hand wipes away the tears.

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