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Abu Dhabi Poetry Hall.. A visit beyond expectations


Organized under the theme “Poetry Inspires Us” for four days at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), the Abu Dhabi Poetry Festival screened its first session yesterday.

The Cultural and Heritage Festivals and Events Management Group – Abu Dhabi, which organized the festival in collaboration with Emirates Heritage Club, announced that attendance at the festival exceeded expectations. It attracted a large audience of visitors who came to interact with poets, intellectuals and people interested in Arabic poetry, and the number of creatives attending the festival reached more than 1,000 poets, writers and researchers. More than 500 shortlisted male and female poets meet the jury of the Million Poets programme. Within the festival activities.

The festival drew more than 15,000 visitors who were introduced to renowned poets from the Arab world through dozens of poetry evenings, discussion and art sessions, popular performances and interactive games.


The festival was accompanied by the Abu Dhabi Poetry Conference, which lasted for three days. In the sessions, researchers presented many views and ideas related to Arabic poetry in general and Nabatean poetry in particular.

The scientific panel at the conference suggested the importance of exploring new axes to enrich the role of the cultural and heritage movement and expand its specialties as an outlet for poetry and poets, encouraging people with serious talents and deepening creative content. Academic studies characterized by innovation and objectivity.

He urged them to pay more attention to Napati’s manuscripts and colloquial poetry in particular, prepare studies to verify these manuscripts after collecting them, design intellectual endeavors and projects that stimulate young researchers, and explore new dimensions to provide spaces for the poetic scene. Integrating social values ​​and asserting itself as a humane archive of global thought and expanding human heritage.A sustainable resource for all and sundry entrepreneurs to draw from with entrepreneurial initiatives and ideas.

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Emphasized the importance of research collaboration with international universities, renowned scientific research centers and peer-reviewed scientific journals, to conduct serious and objective studies of Emirati heritage and contribute to its transition from local to international by being cited and cited. One of the references of literary human tradition.

The scientific panel emphasized the uniqueness of Emirati Nabati poetry as it is a rich national identity, the sustainability of poetic tradition and the integrity of its transmission to future generations without compromising the importance of using digitization to serve and facilitate Nabati poetry. its spread, and the need to design programs and initiatives to integrate the expatriate communities living in the Emirates and introduce them to the heritage. To spread the UAE’s culture of tolerance and humanitarian message.

Inspired by tradition

The Abu Dhabi Poetry Festival reviews Emirati folk arts and presents them in a unique way, allowing the audience to familiarize themselves with them and learn about the genres of folk art that emerge from the inspiration of Emirati heritage, with the aim of sustainably renewing it. In the hearts of present and future generations.

The festival offered visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the stages of development of Arabic poetry through an educational platform, the “Poetry Path” platform, which includes nine stations starting with Souq Okaz, and ending with Abu Dhabi’s role in poetry and literature. and the Festivals and Cultural and Heritage Events Management Committee – endeavors to promote Abu Dhabi’s poets through its many programmes.

A poetry evening was also held in which many poets participated in the function.

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For the new generation…a role

Children attending the Abu Dhabi Poetry Festival participated in a cultural forum. It provided them with many youth oriented programs and activities that carried educational messages connecting the new generation with their cultural heritage. To the motherland.

• 15 thousand visitors got to know the poets in dozens of evenings.

• The festival provided an educational platform to introduce the stages of development of Arabic poetry.

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