May 29, 2023

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A Saudi Arabian man donated his brain-dead son’s organs to save the lives of 6 patients

In a humanitarian act, a Saudi citizen donated the organs of his brain-dead son, saving the lives of 6 patients.

reported Saudi Press Agency The brain-dead Saudi youth “saved the lives of six citizens and ended their suffering from terminal organ deficiency diseases after his organ donation for the sake of God, after his condition was diagnosed according to the approved national protocol for diagnosing brain death.”

“The effort of a father who donated his sixteen-year-old son’s organs has brought smiles to the faces of patients and their families, and demonstrated a sense of loyalty and love for others, and saving wages for the dead,” the agency said. Son.”

“A heart transplant was performed on a 7-year-old child with heart failure, a kidney was transplanted into a 12-year-old child, another kidney was transplanted into a 16-year-old patient, and a lung was transplanted into a 68-year-old patient.

A 31-year-old patient on hemodialysis and diabetes underwent a pancreas-kidney transplant from a living donor, and an additional 29-year-old patient underwent a liver transplant, ending his suffering with liver failure.

Dr. Talal Al-Khufi, director general of the Saudi Center for Transplantation, told the agency, “The process of removing and replacing organs is at a record speed, in accordance with medical protocols, and ensures a fair distribution. Medical priorities.”

He added, “This success is the result of a collaborative effort between all relevant parties, including the Medical City Administration at King South University, the Center’s team and participating medical teams from alternative hospitals.”

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