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Tina L-Sherbini celebrates Yasmin Rice’s birthday in her own way


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The actress confirmed Tina L-Sherpini He was born on Wednesday, September 15, 1985, in celebration of the birthday of his colleague, artist Yasmin Royce.

Tina L-Sherbini celebrates Yasmin Rice in her own way

Through his official account on the “Instagram” website and application, L-Sherpini reviewed his most important moments Jasmine Chief, Through a video, I sent a special message in her opinion to her writer: “Happy birthday, mashmash, for more crazy and fun times, I love you, my sister.”

Yasmin Royce spoke with the video designed by L-Sherpini during her birthday and responded with emojis about the laughter and pleasure of the video and these special moments between them.

Recent works by Yasmin Royce and Tina L-Sherpini

At the technical level, the artist, Yasmin Royce, is waiting to present her latest works in the “60 Minutes” series starting Thursday on the stage of “Shahid”, which also features several stars, including: Mahmoud Nasser.

Yasmin Royce participated Ramadan dramaDirected by Abir Sulaiman and Amin Jamal, Ahmed Khalid Moussa from the screenplay and dialogue for “The Kings of Al-Jadana” in the 2021 series, which stars Amr Saad, Mostaba Shaban, Amr Abdel Jalil, Ahmed Safwat, Rania Yousuf, Talal Abdel Aziz, Fawaz and Basma Dawood.

According to Tina L-Sherbini, Tina L-Sherbini will begin filming her scenes in the movie “The Title Holder”, in which she co-starred with Mustafa Cutter.

Tina L-Sherbini is waiting to screen her new film “March 30” with Ahmed L-Pishawi, Khalid L-Savi, Sabri Fawaz and many more stars.

Dina L-Sherbini’s last work was “Some Recognized Didn’t Go Twice” in the movie Kareem Abdel Aziz andMajid al-Kitwani Written by Ayman Water and directed by Ahman L-Genti, Baomi Fat produced the “Oscar for Distribution and Theater” for producers Louie Abdullah and Vel Abdullah, along with Mohammad Darwad and a large guest cast.

The film raises various questions about the marital experience and the struggles the couple goes through, and presents a media personality who works to reveal facts in disguise in different and distinct roles. Wife and their struggles after divorce.

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