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A touching message for Samira Saeed Ahlam after their new meeting on stage


Artist Samira Syed gained attention in early 2024 by participating in Artist Ahlam's show “Ahlam One Thousand and One Nights”. She also sent her a touching message after the show.

Samira sends a touching message to Saeed Ahlam

Artist Samira Said performed in an episode of “Ahlam One Thousand and One Nights” presented by artist Ahlam Al Shamsi. Samira Said appeared with Moroccan singer Radwan Al Azmar. Sameera Said posted a photo session with the artist. Ahlam took to her Instagram account to send her an influential message behind the scenes of the show. In his comment on the photos, he said: “For the second time we are participating in the same work, and every time I discover, with the beauty of your art and your voice, which grows sweeter year by year, I am sure that you are one of the purest and kindest souls I have known in my travels… Your Place and position will be better. In my heart.”

Ahlam and Samira Saeed

Ahlam exchanged messages with Samira Saeed after the show's latest episode was shown and she expressed her happiness to host Samira Saeed on the show and replied to her messages: “Oh my dear, a great testimonial from the best in the arts. Diva Samira Saeed. you.”

Ahlam and Samira Saeed
Ahlam and Samira Saeed on the show

Samira Saeed shines in “Dreams of One Thousand and One Nights”.

Artist Samira Saeed performed in “Dreams of a Thousand and One Nights” and reminisced about her artistic career and performed many of her most popular songs, notably “She Said I Came After Two Days”. In addition to performing the song “Ya Ibn Al-Halal”, in his famous song “Hawa Hawa”, “an artist named Ahlam was on stage and I participated in singing with him. He participated with artist Ahlam in the song.” Haya Haya with Samira Said and Ratwan Al-Asmar on stage. Artist Samira Said duets with singer Ratwan Al-Asmar on her famous Moroccan song “My Promise.. Defeated”.

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Ahlam and Samira Saeed
Ahlam and Samira Saeed

Artwork by artist Ahlam

The current period sees a unique stage in the artistic activity of the artist Ahlam Al Shamsi, and in addition to the episodes of the show “One Thousand and One Nights Dreams” on the “Abu Dhabi” channel, he recently presented a surprise. With his new song “The Voice of the Ego” the public witnessed many surprises, especially the experiences of dreams, with the video clip for the song he tried to direct for the first time in his career, and the move received great appreciation. From the audience and the stars, apart from the song, it topped the social networking sites and YouTube within the first moments of its release.


After releasing the clip for the song “The Voice of the Ego” in the last days of 2023, the star Ahlam said in a message to her on the “X” stage: “Oh, what a great sadness, who is wounded by the smiling face… The voice of the ego… Now and Exclusively on my YouTube channel only, the composer composed music from the words of The Great Emirati poet, The Pride of My Country, The High Emirates, Nasser Al-Saleh, arranged by the great distributor Osama Al-Hindi and the great and first engineer Jassim Mohammed, the rhythm of creativity, A composition by Ahmad Al-Anwa. I hope you will be satisfied, my fans, my fans, and everyone who listens to this work…”

Actress Ahlam in her show

Artist Ahlam recently grabbed the spotlight during the “Night of the Arab Stars” concert at the New Year's Eve 2024 celebration in Riyadh, where she performed alongside artists Eliza, Nancy Ajram, Angam, Asala and Asma Lamnawar. , Ahlam sang many duets with the stars, and with his brilliance he performed his popular songs on stage under the song “Do you know why I'm upset with you” and other songs, and he celebrated the New Year 2024 in Riyadh with his fans in an exceptional concert with the stars.

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Pictures from Ahlam and Samira Saeed's Instagram account.

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