March 31, 2023

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البنوك لا تفضل غلق الحساب كخيار أول بل تتواصل مع العميل وتطلب تحديث بياناته.   أرشيفية

Banks close “unused” bank accounts for 6 months

Banks operating in the state, after much controversy over “forgotten” accounts, have begun to close accounts that their owners have not used for six consecutive months, with banks continuing to impose a minimum balance without the knowledge of their owners.

Bank dealers told Emirates Today that their accounts had been closed while trying to access their accounts through the smart application, and that access to the mobile application had been canceled due to non-use of the account for the past six months.

Banks, in the same message in the application, pointed out that it was possible to reactivate the account using the ID card if all the terms and conditions related to opening the account were agreed upon.


“Emirates Today” published an investigation into customer complaints that thousands of dirhams had accumulated due to forgetting old bank accounts earlier, while banks charge 25 dirhams a month without informing the customer. Reached large sums.

For his part, banking expert Awadeef al-Harmoudi said, “Closing a bank account after six months is subject to many considerations and varies from one bank to another, but most banks prefer to close the account there. It is a show of infiltration and vicious exploitation of those with weak souls.

Account closed

He added, “For example, in any bank system, if there are 1,000 unused accounts, it will cost the bank millions of dirhams a year. Remind him about the data or account, but if the customer does not respond and does not use the account to market or sell various banking products, the banks will take the initiative to close it. If the customer wishes to do so, it will be implemented in simple steps.

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Inactive accounts

Al-Harmoudi continued, “This procedure differs from dealing with (dormant) accounts because the latter has a clear regulation and decision by the central bank, and it will take certain steps for certain years, especially if there are amounts in it. For 6 months of unused accounts, this is an expired customer.” Contains data and reserves and does not respond to bank calls or messages.

He added, “If the minimum balance is estimated at 25 dirhams and the balance in the account is less than 3000 dirhams, it does not change the bank by updating the customer’s data or knowing whether it is still in the country or not, except for the cost incurred by the bank to secure the account and protect it from intrusion.

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