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Under the command of Hamdan bin Saeed, the Emirati Crescent “Be their shadow in their heat”


Abu Dhabi Airport (WAM)

Under the orders of Sheikh Hamdan bin Saeed Al Nahyan, the head of the Emirates Red Crescent Commission, the ruler of the Al Tafra region, the authorities launched an effort to “keep their shadow in their heat” to reduce its influence. Summer in and out of the country. Significantly higher temperatures.
At the local level, the initiative focuses on target groups and groups that provide logistics equipment to protect them from the scorching sun and to avoid exposing them to any health hazards resulting from high temperatures. Workers, water cooler containers and food heat protection bags
Dr. Mohammed Adeek Al Palahi, Secretary-General of the Emirates Red Cross, said the move is an extension of the quality initiatives taken by the authority inside and outside the country, and its interest in human life and health includes natural factors and their consequences, and the protection of human life. He explained that the importance of this initiative comes in light of the significant increase in global temperature, climate change and global warming. The spread of wildfires in many countries has caused great damage to temperatures, lives and property.

  • This initiative targets the working class (union)

The Secretary-General of the Red Cross has completed its arrangements, and has taken steps and measures to achieve the goals of this initiative and has expanded the umbrella of beneficiaries at the local and external levels. He added that this initiative will add a new dimension and quality leap in locating water resources in countries affected by the shortage of this important facility, so our National Commission expects the contribution of philanthropists and donors in these important projects. He stressed that one of the most important charitable activities that Emirates Charity and Humanitarian Building will be the main pillar of the establishment, and that endowment projects will be an important tributary to improve the path of well-being and give the country that. Witness.

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