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A woman tries to leave the country with her two daughters using fake “European citizenship”.


An Arab woman dreamed of boarding a flight with her two daughters to a European country through Dubai airport and she presented her passport to a competent employee, wanting to pass the last stop before the flight took off, but the employee suspected that the residence card was attached to the passport, and her suspicion was correct. It also turned out to be fake.

During her cross-examination by the public prosecution, the accused denied her knowledge of the forgery and confirmed that it was her husband who had given her shelter while she was in their country and asked her to go to Europe via Dubai, but he was instead. Referred to the Mistimener Court, which awarded her a month’s jail term with a suspended sentence, I used mercy on her for her circumstances, and ordered her removal from the state.

The Public Prosecution in Dubai sent the accused to the wrong court and charged him with two counts of participating in the forgery of documents attributed to him and his two daughters, through an agreement with another unknown person. A European country, and a flight attendant at Dubai airport accused of using fake documents, knowing she was fake when leaving the country.

According to the facts of the case, as confirmed by the court, the accused presented the residence cards to the flight attendant for a European country, but the flight attendant suspected the cards and sent them to the document verification department in the Directorate General. Residence and Foreigners Affairs at Dubai Airport, and found that a series of documents had been fabricated.

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During the investigation by the public prosecution, the accused said that she did not know that the residence cards were fake and that it was her husband who gave them to her when she was in their country and she did not know how to get them. To them, she complied with her statements before the court seeking a verdict of not guilty.

Further, the court said in its reasons for judgment that it sees from the facts and circumstances of the case that the accused did not deal with the proper procedures followed to obtain the residence card by the authorities entrusted to him, but rather admitted something unknown. If it wasn’t for the intelligence of the air security officer, he would have faked it and tried to use it to get out of the country.

She held that the two charges leveled against the woman were made for a criminal purpose and were inseparably connected, which she regarded as one crime, she was sentenced to three months imprisonment, but she saw the circumstances and circumstances of the case that the accused would not return to commit the crime in future, and three years. Sentenced to imprisonment, confiscation of forged documents and stay of deportation from the state.

In a similar incident, an African woman tried to leave the country through Dubai airport with a fake visa attributed to an African country and was publicly prosecuted for forging an unofficial document and entering into a contract with an unknown person for using it. Handing over the visa to a suspicious airline employee, he forwarded it to the central inspection of documents at the Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Dubai Airport.

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The woman pleaded guilty and the court sentenced her to three months in prison, suspended for three years, on the grounds that she was aware of the visa fraud.

• Accused denied her knowledge of the forgery and confirmed that it was her husband who provided her with accommodation while she was in their country.

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