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Abandoned Supercars in Dubai – An Open-air Museum!


In a country like the United Arab Emirates, supercars are practically on every street corner, and even car dumps look like museums.

Be careful though: if you watch this video in Dubai many enthusiasts may feel deep sadness for the cars abandoned there.

Among the damaged, abandoned or stolen models, this video takes us to a cemetery where many cars are resting, ordinary people can not even consider being in their store one day.

A museum rather than a landscape

There are a number of cars featured in the video of Mohsin Vox Muscle cars Such as American Ford Mustang And the Dodge Challenger. There are many SUVs including BMW X5 And Range Rover Sport with the supercharged autobiography 510hp V8 engine, which was one of the fastest off-roaders a decade ago.

Fans of Japanese supercars would have recognized the Nissan 350 music and a great example of the Toyota Super, whose prices are only rising.

The list of damaged cars goes on with the BMW 750L, Tesla Model X and many more or less recent Mercedes and Audi.

As a reminder, in another video, Famous Blondie Super Car YouTuber She had already come to a Dubai junkyard, where she delivered the completely abandoned Ferrari California and Lamborghini Hurricane. Not to forget the Mercedes Class G and other pendulums of the last generation.

Accidents and illegal racing

These pictures are heartbreaking. In addition to the damage caused by accidents, all cars were covered with dense sand, which probably affected the operation of many engines and accidentally damaged physical work.

Abandoned supercars in Dubai
Abandoned supercars in Dubai

Some cars were involved in an accident during illegal racing. On the other hand, when there are many super cars, it is natural to expect such “side effects”. In fact, the UAE police have dream cars.

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