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African countries are responding to change their image and attract investment


With more than 40 countries expected, Africa wants to mark its presence at the Dubai World Expo under the banner of innovation and modernity. Opportunity to improve the image of the continent and make sure that it is necessary to calculate it now.

With theme Connecting the mind, creating the future, Dubai says it wants to turn the event into a global cultural gathering and face challenges on a planetary scale. The Emirate wants to exert its influence on the international scene, especially as it is called upon to become a key player on the African continent.

The African delegation also showed their ambitions at a meeting in Dubai this week. African art, music and fashion that are already shining around the world will take part in this global exhibition, which will welcome tens of thousands of people.

Technologies, investments, tourism, culture … In Dubai, African countries are preparing to create the image of an ambitious continent for the world, young and modern, far and wide. “Identical” On suffering and wars. For the African Union (AU), which is being referred to for the first time as an organization, this event “An opportunity to change opinion” The world is from Africa, it proves “Ready to Do Business”.

“It’s time to understand ourselves and the world and see how it can cooperate with us.”

Levi Uche Madhuvek, Commissioner General of the African Union


In a frantic quest to influence the international scene, Dubai, one of the seven presidents of the United Arab Emirates, has increased their political and economic presence on the African continent in recent years, especially in the United States. . ‘Africa.
If Africa is to further develop its infrastructure and remove some of the barriers to international trade, it is “Lots to offer”, Levy Uche Madhuyek AU Commissioner for Global Exhibition promises to stimulate natural resources or invest in a continent with a population of more than two billion by 2050.

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According to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a country with a reputation for suffering from conflict, corruption and human rights abuses, its purpose is to attract foreign investment, especially in the tourism sector. “Mostly in Africa, when talking about the Congo, people say: ‘There is war in the East, there are rebels.’ No! We have everything you need. “ The Commissioner General of the DRC for the Exhibition promises AFP Eugene Manga Manga. The country, which is famous for its raw material-rich foundations, is preparing to release promotional videos about cultures and landscapes that attract tourists.

Congo Pavilion also wants to focus on agriculture: “Congo has 80 million hectares of farmland. We use only 10% of it.”, Refers to the manager. To attract investors, “Land law has been liberalized and we are making great efforts to improve the business environment“.

In Dubai, the Benign Mission ensures that the country is doing everything possible to improve tourism and improve the business environment by rehabilitating the latest economic reforms and cultural sites. “Its purpose is to sell Benin target”, Launched AFP Inus Monvano, the country’s general commissioner for the Universal Exhibition. “We hope that a large number of tourists, traders and large businesses will relocate to Benin.”, She believes.

Even for the continent’s heavyweights, the exhibition is in jeopardy. Egypt, an undeniable tourist destination, is preparing to deploy pyramids and hieroglyphic signs to attract visitors. But above all, its purpose is to show the potential for investment and cooperation, especially in the field of new technology. “The world began to look at Africa and rediscover it”, Says Ahmed Magawri Diab of the Egyptian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, which represents the country in Dubai. According to him, “There are a lot of difficulties on the continent, but it started to develop”.

With a few exceptions such as Rwanda, Morocco or Kenya, African countries often trade poorly in the world rankings. The lowest ranked countries in the Human Development Index are mostly African countries. However, the World Bank says the continent experienced 25 years of growth before experiencing a recession in 2020 due to the health crisis caused by Govt-19.

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