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Health Reveals Registration Steps for Maternal and Fetal Health Care Initiative


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Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 12:39 PM

The ministry disclosed Health and People B. about registration proceedings at the initiative of the PresidentMaternal and fetal health It includes:

Go to the nearest health unit.

Record the data of the woman in the initiative plan.

Registration of personal data on the card.

Recording the results of analyzes on the card.

Conducting syphilis and virus analyses.

Height and weight measurement.

Executive Director of Maternal and Fetal Health Initiative Dr. Fawzi Fathi confirmed that the services of this initiative are provided in all health units and medical centers, and cases requiring advanced medical tests are referred to 90 referral centers for HIV and HIV. To 163 referral centers, syphilis patients across the country and those diagnosed with high blood sugar or any other risk factors are referred for complete evaluation and treatment at 303 hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health..

The initiative has more than 4,000 medical teams and Dr. In addition to training the beneficiaries on how to handle them, completing the follow-up card and entering data, explaining that medical teams, equipment and supplies are distributed according to the number of pregnant women. Each unit is continuously used on official working days from 8 AM to 2 PM..

He pointed out that a unified database for the survey will be created and linked with participating health facilities in an effort to facilitate follow-up of beneficiary women and transfer to the nearest center to receive the necessary treatment for their condition. In addition to receiving inquiries through the “15335” hotline, beneficiaries can inquire about the evaluation date for conducting advanced examinations through the “100 Million Health” initiative website or through the “Health Egypt” application.

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