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About 40 masked men with white weapons sowed terror in residential areas in El Jadida


Ahmed Mesba – El Jadida

On Monday evening, the second day of the month of Ramadan, about 40 masked perverts armed with white weapons (Encoculas) sowed terror and wreaked havoc on residential areas in the capital, Douglas.

As the newspaper learned, the perverts, most of them minors, were in an unusual state, hysterical and rebellious, who covered their faces with masks and carried large-scale knives; They arrived at their last crime scene in the “al-Tahhaq” area of ​​the city of al-Jadida at about ten o’clock this evening; They attacked residents and civilians and caused material damage to private property, throwing stones at cars parked in shops and on public streets, including a light car owned by an employee affiliated with the Directorate General of National Security.

This is not the police to intervene as the members of the Civil Division, and the Cycle (PS), and Cycling Division of the Civil Division of the L-Judida regional security. The uniform, “Al-Dahhak” moved to the roundabout, and the interceptors chased the distracted policemen. , They released their feet into the air and scattered in all directions, and some of them evaporated under the cover of darkness, into the nearby fields and lands.

As a result of the security intervention, the left arm of a policeman in civilian clothes belonging to the Civil Division was injured; Another policeman in a military uniform survived a head-on collision with a security helmet he was wearing.

After taking refuge in a nearby apartment building, a pervert who intimidated a policeman who chased him, shoots the stars.

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Security forces were able to arrest a boy suspected to be a member of a masked criminal gang at the time. The SBBG’s patrol went to the Al-Tahak roundabout to retrieve him, put him under judicial control, and search for him, under the supervision of a competent public prosecutor on the new appeal. Return to newspaper headline.

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