March 31, 2023

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Shereen Abdel Wahab did not divorce her husband Proof that she is pregnant (video)

Shereen Abdel Wahab did not divorce her husband Proof that she is pregnant (video)

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazar – Musician Helmi Bakr spoke about his statement that artist Sherin Abdel Wahab was not divorced, insisting that it did not happen, and that the evidence for this appeared in one of her “pregnancies”. Last concerts.

Helmi Baker explained during TV reports that the matter did not detract from anything, that he was a great artist, that many voices and generations followed him, and that he began to apologize for singing with a desire to retire. He told her to change her mind.

In another context, musician Helmi Bakr mocked Haifa Wehbay’s way of doing trouble, pointing out that he was successful in acting.

Musician Helmi Bakr demanded that artist Mohammad Ramalan and artist Haifa Wehbe stop singing, pointing out that Mohammad Ramalan continues his success in rhythm song at the expense of his value as a star and strong talent in acting.

He also revealed that musician Helmi Bakr had been expelled from the choir for leading his sister’s singing, explaining that becoming a “fellow” had nothing to do with the subject: “All Saida people are men and Zadan, but the problem is not so.”

Helmi Baker said: “I kicked her out of the audit committee because her voice is a monster. You just asked me, I said your voice is a monster, didn’t I?”

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