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Adel Sarhan: Drama is my next goal


Beirut: Hana Toby

Lebanese director Adel Sarhan started his artistic career 20 years ago, in which he delivered many successful films, in which he continues his journey in filming. The gathering of his interest in shooting clips for artists Assi El-Hilani “Malhouf Alayk” and Zain Al-Omar “Ya Niali” and Larouzi “Cobra” and other works revealed that he will be involved in drama from a new door. decade.

* It is worth noting that you have collaborated with the artist LaRussi several times, and today you are busy shooting the clip for his song “Cobra”, so what can you tell us about this collaboration?

– I got acquainted with the artist Laroussi in Dubai, where we shot his first clip, which was a great success, and our cooperation continued in several clips, where we think in the same creative way, away from the prevailing classics, and Laroussi is an international artist, from the Netherlands and America, and Produced by Jay Law, the distributor and writer of his previous songs and other internationals, I had the pleasure of working with him to present and work with my innovative ideas. She is universal, innovative and creative.

* What do you mean by “cobra”?

– This song will be one of the most beautiful songs of the new album of the artist LaRussi, and although it comes out of the Arab stereotype and narrow box, we do not offend modesty, we do not present any bad scene, but the viewer will feel that he is in front of a dance painting and a beautiful scenery.

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* About the artist Asi El-Hilani and his new song?

Assi El-Hilani, the winning partner, is amazing to deal with, and his last song, “Malhoof Alayq”, was released in the market and received millions of views, and it was shot in the deep Bekaa area. Romantic atmosphere and clear harmonious climate.

* What are the conditions for you to have a successful clip?

– The elements of a successful clip are words, melody, sound and image, and every detail of the camera, lenses and lights makes a difference, and for this difference to be positive, it must be related to human creativity and full of feelings. The viewer gets

Advanced technologies

* To what extent do advanced technologies play a role in achieving creativity in motion?

– One of the paradoxes in the world of photography is that it is achieved with an ordinary camera or smartphone, but the result is different, because the wide circle of using technology leads to artificial intelligence, which is currently revolutionizing. We don’t have a sense of work.Accepting our technology makes our technology work a lot easier. With “click of a button”, we can project many scenes and “computerize” the images, but without the sense of artificial intelligence we cannot translate our feelings, so I say that technology is a double-edged sword. The important thing is that we use it with superior human intelligence.

* About directing movies and series, are they re-igniting?

– I had a plan to shoot a movie and a series before the revolution and Corona, but unfortunately they were postponed, I will soon start shooting a new dramatic “decade” and leave the matter of publishing the details of the work to the producer. company, and I am in the process of producing a new film, for which “Spencer” is waiting.

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* About participating in Ramadan drama?

– Two years from now, I think I will go to the theater at its various times. I have provided 1500 clips.

* Are you tired?

I have to accommodate others as everyone is waiting for “what I will do for the play”.

* Are there any projects at Emirates?

Being a resident of the Emirates since 2019, there is no doubt that there are series of productions with Arab and Lebanese artists, last year I filmed in the Emirates with Ihab Tawfiq and Hamada Helal and about 20 men and women. I like singers from Egypt, Morocco and Algeria and the UAE is a meeting place between Arab creatives and aliens.

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