November 28, 2022

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ADIA and ADQ Holding support the Sovereign Investors Forum in Africa

ADIA and ADQ Holding support the Sovereign Investors Forum in Africa

Rabat: “Gulf”

Abu Dhabi Investment Commission (ADIA) signed; And ADQ Holding, on the “Rabat Declaration” on the sidelines of the first edition of the “Sovereign Investors Forum in Africa” ​​organized by the Moroccan Sovereign Strategic Investment Fund Ithmaar Capital. This announcement confirms the role of the forum as a key stimulus for bank investment opportunities.
The forum convened a group of Sovereign Wealth Funds in the region to discuss ambitious development plans, advance current change efforts and strengthen ties between African countries.
The forum was held under the patronage of King Mohammed VI in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, and succeeded in laying a solid foundation for the development of cooperative relations between the various parties involved in the effort to form partnerships in various areas of community development. And economic progress on the African continent towards wider frontiers.
All major African sovereign wealth funds participated in the forum and signed a memorandum of understanding to implement ongoing and constructive dialogue and lay solid foundations for innovative projects that support current change efforts and bring concrete benefits to all.
In addition to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority; And ADQ Holding, a list of participants in the opening ceremony that included several top companies in the region, including the Kuwait Investment Commission; And the Qatar Investment Commission.
Abu Dhabi Investment Commission; ADQ Holding and the Public Investment Commission have expressed greater confidence in the integrated framework of the forum to ensure the creation of potential investment opportunities that meet the aspirations of global investors, while accelerating the pace of economic growth in Africa for future benefit. Generations on the continent.

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