March 20, 2023

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Lebanon Cup between Najme and Al-Ansar

Lebanon Cup between Najme and Al-Ansar

Beirut Airport (AFP)

Al-Ansar and al-Najma, one of the two Lebanese football poles, will have the opportunity to save the season when they meet in the final of the local cup today at the “President Fouad Sehab” ground in June.
Al-Ahed reclaimed the league title from al-Ansari a month ago, so the “Green Leader” will enter the final meeting of the longest season, hoping to secure a second title in terms of importance and secure it. It was crowned last year for the 15th time in its history. As for his arch-rivals, al-Nahiri is looking for his first official title since 2016, when he won the same match for the sixth time.
Al-Ansar suffered a technical crisis at the start of the season that did not give both teams the best season, which kept it from the league title, and then it failed to “yellow genie”. Contributed to improving the results of the team. Until the second round (two hexagons) of the championship the team finishes in second place.
Oman failed to overtake al-Sayeem in the AFC Cup, finishing first in the group with one point behind Oman al-Zeeb, al-Kuwait al-Kuwait and Syria Jabble.
But, the team has the materials to win in the presence of a team of famous players led by Lebanon national team captain Hassan Matouk and Nader Mather and good strikers like Ahmed Hekashi, Kareem Darwish. Khalid Mohsen, Majeed Othman and Faiz Shamsin.
Before reaching the final, al-Ansar defeated al-Shabab al-Ghazia 3-0 in the second round, then spun al-Salam Jigarta (second tier) with a six, and they beat al-Wah in the semifinals. After Burj equalized negatively at 3-2 on penalties.

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