January 30, 2023

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After a long wait .. Witness to London Fashion Week fashion shows

After a long wait .. Witness to London Fashion Week fashion shows

The fashion shows returned to London on Friday after leading to the launch of some of the Govt-19 epidemics at the Fashion Week structure in the British capital via the internet. Imposed to control the spread of the virus.
Last February, in the light of the complete closure of London Fashion Week, it was held in a completely virtual format, offering a ban on organizing events in public.

This time, the British Fashion Council, which represents the division, said, “This international event is aimed at reopening the long-awaited cultural event in London.”
The five-day program dedicated to the Spring 2022 collection includes 28 shows, including British designers Edward Crutchley, Serbian Roxanda or Ireland’s Simon Rocha, whose brand is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Soul Nash, 28, the designer of a sportswear collection commemorating his teenage years, began this week on Friday in Hockney, a metropolis in northeast London.
Nash, a choreographer and choreographer, has the freedom to operate as regulated pieces with removable sleeves or hoods. Nash made changes to the short sleeve shirt that would be an integral part of the English school uniform, providing an elegant and comfortable look.

According to the Edward Crutchley collection, it was distinguished by a completely different style, dominated by luxury, with puffy dresses in lime green or floral prints.

Unlike some of the designers who presented live shows, others chose their collections on an appointment-only basis or for videos that could be viewed in a healthy environment on the Fashion Week platform launched in June 2020.

In a short video clip shot at the Royal Opera House by 32-year-old American designer Michael Holburn, he revealed a glamorous assortment of dresses embellished with sequins or covered with feathers.
There will be 131 brands at the London Fashion Week event, which will precede its peers in Milan following New York Fashion Week.

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The British fashion industry, which has about 890,000 employees in 2019, hopes to recapture what it suffered during the epidemics.
Data provided by “Oxford Economics” show that if “appropriate investments” are made, the creative sector can recover faster than the nation’s economy as a whole.