May 30, 2023

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لماذا حظرت أمازون 600 علامة تجارية صينية بشكل دائم؟

Why did Amazon permanently ban 600 Chinese brands?

According to The Virgin, Amazon has banned 600 Chinese brands, which Amazon says violates Amazon’s policies – reviewing the abuse.

A report in the Wall Street Journal noted how some Chinese brands offered gift cards to consumers in exchange for positive reviews, and the company said in a statement to The Verge: “Amazon is working hard to create a better experience in our store. You can shop with confidence and sellers have the opportunity to grow their business in the midst of healthy competition.

Customers rely on the accuracy and validity of product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions and we have clear policies for critics and sales partners to prevent the misuse of our social features. We suspend, prohibit and take legal action against violators of these policies anywhere in the world.

Amazon explained that this was not a “targeting China” campaign, but a global campaign, adding, “We will continue to improve the detection of abuse and take enforcement action against bad actors, including abuse reviews.”

“We believe the actions we take are in the interest of our customers and the honest companies that make up the majority of our global sales community,” the company said in a statement. Some “big” brands that Wawa Amazon has permanently banned.

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