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After congratulating Abu Trika on his birthday, Amr Adib al-Ahli attacks the administration: Am I responding to the bodies of people coming from the streets? | News

Although the media, Amr Adib, was added to the terror list by a court ruling, the al-Ahly club congratulated its former player Mohamed Autrika on his birthday.

Amr Adib mbc spoke on the show “Al-Hekaya” in Egypt, he continues to be interested in not raising issues in the last episodes of his weekly shows, but he is forced to break the rule as he congratulates al-Ahly club Aboudrika. A topic that could cause him problems for at least two weeks, and he would pay for what he said in different ways, which he did not make clear.

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Al-Ahly players have been celebrating Abu Trika’s birthday in recent days, seeing that he is a great player, he is not opposed to being in the course of social networks and search engines, and understands that he is associated with it. If the majority of the club will continue the days of celebration, in which he finds no problem.

Amr Adib confirmed that he did not accept the greetings offered by the Egyptian state-owned Al-Ahly Club because Muhammad Abu Trika was one of those listed on the terror list, along with its chairman, the Al-Ahly Foundation. Mahmoud al-Qadib and his deputy, Amri Farooq, greet Abu Trika and do not recognize the rules of the Egyptian judiciary or that it violates them all.

Adeeb said that through the Freedom and Justice Party page, the Muslim Brotherhood should do this and that any of the celebrities in the symbols of June 30 would wish him a happy birthday.

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5 days ago, the Egyptian judiciary issued a ruling in support of the inclusion of Mohammed Abu Trika on the terror list, with Amr Adib explaining that the Al-Ahly Club must declare its support for the Egyptian judiciary or issue a statement refusing to be included. His former player on the list of terrorists.

Adeeb, who touched on the ceremony organized by the Al-Ahly Club a few days ago to honor Hassan Mustafa and Hassan Hamdi, mentioned in the video about the club’s historical symbols the appearance of Mohammed Abu Trika next to Um Kultum, which will not happen. If a former player faces a charge of terrorism, the companies that fall into that category are shut down because no European country supports terrorism.

He said Abu Trika did not offer condolences to the families of the officers’ martyrs and was keen to meet the families of those accused of terrorism in Kerdasa and did not talk about the issue because of the rivalry between them. Al-Ahly and Jamalek, because he speaks of Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood does not behave naively with its enemies and does not back down.

Amr Adib wondered whether the Bar Association would congratulate Essam Sultan, a lawyer who is serving a prison sentence in several cases, or whether the doctors’ syndicate of doctors sentenced to death in some cases. .

Adeeb was surprised by al-Ahli’s greetings on Abu Trika’s birthday and said: “What is this innocence? Have you forgotten? I will bring back to you the corpses of the people on the streets? So what do you think? “

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He continued, insisting that he had no objection to the congratulations of the fans and players to Abu Trika, but refused to release the congratulations of the Al-Ahly Club Foundation, mockingly wondering why the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Football Association ignored him. Congratulations to the former Egyptian national team player.

Amr Adib admitted that he had raised a very difficult topic by talking together about the Al-Ahly Club and Muhammad Abu Trika: “I did not like the naked wire … I caught the power station,” he insisted, emphasizing that his words were relevant. Talks about the welfare of Egypt and the state of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He concluded his speech by pointing out that the electronic committees targeted at least 4 tendencies, insulted him and praised Abu Trika, insisting that he had not been charged in those matters and that there was no change in him.

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