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In numbers .. Accounting Statement for the English Premier League

In numbers .. Accounting Statement for the English Premier League

The curtain fell on the matches of the 2021-2022 English Premier League season, which crowned Manchester City after a marathon struggle with Liverpool that lasted until the last moments of the finals of the prestigious tournament.
Manchester City finished the season with 93 points, one point ahead of their nearest rivals Liverpool, crowning the Heavens team for the eighth time in their history and for the sixth time since the start of the new Premier League system (1992). -1993 season), and retained the championship for the second consecutive season.

Manchester City coach Pep Cardiola is proud to be the first non-British coach to win the English Premier League title, surpassing French Arsene Wenger and Portuguese Jose Mourinho after winning the championship for the fourth time. Three-time championship.

According to the official website of the League of Contests, the final edition of the English Premier League reached a significant number in the competition.

At 1071: 380, he averaged 2.82 goals per game, the number of goals conceded by the tournament, just one goal less than the record for most goals in a single edition of the 38-level championship. This was achieved in the 2018-2019 season.

The number of goals scored by Manchester City in his career in 99 matches became the owner of the strongest attacking line-up in the competition.

Number of goals scored during the 26th season between Manchester City and Liverpool to become owners of the strongest defensive line of the competition.

The number of wins Manchester City have won in season 29 has become the owner of the highest number of wins.

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23 The number of goals scored by Liverpool and Tottenham stars Egyptian Mohamed Salah and South Korea’s Hyung-Min Sun topped the list of highest scorers in the tournament last season, respectively, and they (the Golden Boot) shared the award.

The number of assists Mohamed Salah provided to his teammates in Liverpool during the 13th match won the award for best goal maker.

In 139 matches Mohamed Salah became the player with the most number of shots thrown in his lifetime, scoring the opponent’s goal frequently.

2951 Manchester City’s Joao Gonzalo The number of passes he has received as the tournament’s highest passers all season.

20 is the number of matches that Manchester City and Liverpool goalkeepers, two Brazilians, Ederson Morris and Alison Becker (Golden Glove), have won with clean sheets respectively.

3420 minutes The number of minutes played by Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeepers Spain’s David de Gea and Frenchman Hugo Lloris respectively.

143 Leeds United goalkeeper, French goalkeeper Ilan Messler’s number of saves, most saved in the match.

7 is the highest number of goals scored by a team in a single match, with Manchester City and Chelsea sharing the biggest win this season, with the same score (7-0) against Leeds United and Norwich City respectively. The biggest win for any club on home soil.

When Manchester City beat Leicester City 6-3, they were 9 of the most goals scored in a single match last season.

The number of goals coming from penalty kicks in 84 matches, Chelsea are the biggest beneficiaries, 8 goals from them.

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With 19 wins and 3 draws for Liverpool, 19 is the longest defeat of the tournament. .

It was the longest consecutive series without 14 wins as United suffered 7 draws and 7 defeats at Newcastle in the first 14 stages of the season, before beating Burnley 1-0 on December 4 to secure their first victory in the tournament.

With the exception of Leeds United and Brighton, who have won by 4 clubs, Norwich City (3 times) and Watford (twice), 6 is the longest defeat in a row.