March 29, 2023

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After she refused ... Haifa Wehbe appeared with her sister Rola Yamamout

After she refused … Haifa Wehbe appeared with her sister Rola Yamamout

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe and her half-sister Rola Yamamud appeared at their mother’s home in Beirut, where they were reunited by a family visit, Haifa Wehbe did not reveal anything except a photo via her Astorian feature. Account on Instagram..

Rola Yamamouth, sister of Haifa Web, posted the photo on Instagram, which she collected through her own account..

Rola Yamamout posted her picture with her sister Haifa Wehbe and wrote a comment: “My sister, Diva, beautiful game, FUFA.”

For her part, Haifa Wehbe did not comment on the photo, she did not like it, she did not even reveal her meeting with Rula Yamamouth, and she satisfied herself by posting a photo on her way home to her mother in Beirut. The same dresses she appeared with her sister in the photo..

“On the way to meet Mama,” Haifa Wehbe hung up on her photo, which she posted on the Astori feature on Instagram.

The photo, posted by Rola Yamamouth, caught the public’s attention, as the animosity between the two sisters reached the courts, and after a media break before and after her..

The feud between Rola Yamamouth and Haifa Wehbe began when Haifa Wehbe was found to be old and, despite her age, whether she was “Tita” or the grandmother of the grandchildren, she set Haifa on fire. The web was angry at the time..

After that, Rola Yamwood went down on several shows to slander Haifa on the web, claiming that he was jealous of her because she was younger and prettier than her, and pointed out that she had to admit her true age..

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When asked about Haifa Wehbe, Rola Yamawood said: “What is Haifa? Haifa is not a sister to me, but she does not consider me a sister but an adversary. Do you believe she recorded a song for me called Kaina?” Yamamut’s daughter, the most important Beirut Sunny family.No one accepts that I am being insulted.My family is elegant and educated, my grandfather, scholar Shafiq Yamamouth, my cousin, MP Pasem Yamamouth and many others My family is respected, honored and majestic.and live my life Let go.

Regarding the dispute between her and Haifa, she said: “Ask her, she’s the one who created the problem. I’m not, I’m not crazy. Why is she telling the media that she’s crazy? Why is she talking bad about me?”

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