Thursday, June 20, 2024

After statements by the British Defense Minister, Medvedev warns of “World War III”.


Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday warned of a rush to “World War Three” after reports from new British Defense Secretary Grant Shabbs expressed a desire to deploy British troops to Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces. to Reuters.

Medvedev, who serves as deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, said British trainers in Ukraine would be legitimate targets for Russian forces. He also pointed out that the same applies to German factories that manufacture Taurus missiles if Berlin delivers them to Kiev.

Shoppes had said he had held talks with army chiefs about deploying British forces inside Ukraine for the first time as part of a plan backed by 10 other countries to train thousands of army recruits. According to The Guardian newspaper.

Shapps also revealed that he spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about how the Ukrainian Navy could help protect merchant ships against Russian attacks in the Black Sea.

“This will make their (British) trainers a legal target for our armed forces… We know very well that they will be ruthlessly destroyed. Not as mercenaries, but especially as British NATO specialists,” Medvedev was quoted as saying in a Telegram post. By Reuters.

Medvedev warned against the delivery of Germany’s Taurus missiles to Ukraine, saying, “They say it is in accordance with international law. Well, in this case, the attacks on German factories where these missiles are manufactured must be in full compliance with international law.”

Medvedev said such actions by the West are “strongly pushing towards World War III”.

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