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After the announcement of the FIFA rankings, will Egypt avoid adult conflict?


Let’s find out Egyptian team He himself topped the African continent in clashes with North African teams such as Algeria, Tunisia or Morocco, or Senegal, and finally the Nigerian team, which ranks fifth ahead of the Egyptian team.

And searches Barrows To bypass Nigeria national team Meetings are characterized by intense sensitivity and enthusiasm, especially to avoid clashes with seniors from North Africa, and of course the chances of the Egyptian team climbing to the first class are high.

Cow Senegal national team Tunisia is ranked 27th in the world, followed by Morocco at 29th, Africa at 29th, Algeria at 4th and 30th in Africa, ranking 20th in the world. The world and Nigeria are ranked fifth in Africa and 36th in the world.

The balance is high Egypt It ranks fifth in Africa with 1478 points, 30 points away from Nigeria, after 1434 points last month, up from 1447.5 points.

Globally, Belgium is in first place and Brazil is in second place, while France has won the European League title and finished in the top three.

Italy was fourth, England fifth, Spain third, Argentina seventh, Portugal eighth, Mexico ninth and Denmark tenth.

Opportunities to join the big five

Egypt’s chances of joining the Big Five depend on the position of the Nigerian national team, which is ahead of Egypt in the latest FIFA rankings, the International Football Association announced on Thursday, and ranked Egypt 44th in the monthly rankings, replacing 48th and sixth on the list of African teams. After the Egyptian team beat Libya 1-0 and 3-0 back and forth, the third and fourth rounds of the African qualifying round for the World Cup will take place in Qatar next year.

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The FIFA draw will take place on December 18 and the teams will be ranked Africa According to the International Federation’s classification for December, it will be released in the middle of the month, which reduces Egypt’s chances of reaching the top five, and increases Egypt’s chances of colliding with strong teams in the final round next March.

The Egyptian team must beat Angola overseas and Capone in Cairo in the fifth and sixth round qualifiers, both of which will take place in November.

Egypt is expected to reach 1462 points in the November rankings if it wins two matches, while if Nigeria wins the remaining two matches, Liberia and Cape Verde will have 1491 points in qualifying matches. If Nigeria wins one match and loses the other, there will be a draw or draw in both matches, making its balance at 1466 points, which is ahead of the Egyptian team in the classification.

If Nigeria loses two matches, Egypt could enter the top five because its balance will change to 1441 points, or Nigeria will lose one match and draw in another and then reach 1453 points. Behind Egypt, Egypt scored 1662 points in a qualifying match to win its two matches.

Arabic Cup

Egypt can reach the top if they win all their matches during the Arab Cup in Qatar in December, with the Egyptian team playing 3 matches against Sudan, Lebanon and Algeria in the final, although the matches are considered friendly outside the international agenda.

However, Egypt’s victory over Nigeria in its matches, the latter losing one of its matches in the World Cup qualifier against Cape Verde or Liberia.

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The FIFA rankings depend on many factors, especially the strength of the competitor, its monthly classification and the importance of the competition. The World Cup matches give more points than the Nations Cup matches, the latter being considered the most important qualifying matches, the less points in friendly matches classified within the international agenda. Fewer points are awarded for international friendship outside the international calendar.

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