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Agency: Elon Musk lost $ 50 billion in two days


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Elon Musk

U.S. businessman Elon Musk has lost more than $ 50 billion in two days as his Tesla share price plummets, according to a Bloomberg agency.

The agency, which specializes in business news, said that the share price of Tesla, the maker of electric cars, had begun to fall, and that Musk had not received a “cash salary” or a bonus from anywhere after he was advised on Twitter whether to sell his 10% stake, and the only way he could pay taxes was to sell the shares. .

Shares of Tesla fell more than 16% as trading on the New York Stock Exchange closed on Tuesday.

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Elon Musk scrutinized the views of his supporters

The agency noted that Musk had a negative impact on the valuation of wealth, and within two days, Musk, the richest man on earth, lost more than $ 50 billion in his wealth.

In its report on Tuesday, the agency did not specify the amount of Muskin’s wealth, but confirmed that the difference between his wealth and the wealth of the second richest man on the list owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had shrunk to $ 83. Billion.

On Monday, Bloomberg estimated Musk’s assets at $ 323 billion and Bezos’ assets at $ 201 billion.

According to Forbes Magazine’s November 1 rating, Musk also topped the list of billionaires, becoming the first person in history to surpass $ 300 billion.

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