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Sri Al-Najjar “Hamouda” in the movie “The Magician” .. How did his features change after 20 years and where did he go? | News

Do you remember the young actor Sari Al-Najjar who played the role of “Hamouda” in the movie “The Magician” 20 years ago?

Sari al-Najjar was one of the new faces who led to fame at the beginning of the millennium, with big names in the world of cinema such as the late director Radwan al-Kashef and the inventor of the late director Osama. Fawzi, who presented him in the 1999 film “Jannat al-Shaydin”, after seeing it on the university stage, was assigned the role of Adel al-Bohimi, a friend of the deceased, “Drum”, whose character was created by Mahmoud. Hamida.

In the same year, director Yusri Nasrallah was impressed by his talent and gave him the role of “Fox” in “The City”, considered one of Nasrallah’s most important films.

During this time, a number of directors turned to Sari al-Najjar, and Ratwan al-Kashif gave him the role of Hamooda in the film “The Magician”, which caused great controversy with the kissing scenes that brought him together. With Menna Shalapi making her first appearance on the cinema screen.

Shri Al-Najjar with his daughter




Sari studied drama and philosophy at an American university and then went to England to study drama. After that, Sari starred in the film “Dil Al-Samaka” starring the late best writer Waheed Hamad and best director Samir Saif. Sari al-Najjar usually left the scene until he took part in two Jordanian series.


Shri Al-Najjar with his daughter

Mr. lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and married a Swedish woman and gave birth to his only daughter, and he is completely estranged from the arts because he runs a private business. .

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